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PCE Instruments UK Ltd

PCE Instruments UK Ltd
Suite 1N-B Trafford House,
Chester Road
Old Trafford
M32 0RS
United Kingdom

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PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of test devices, control systems, laboratory equipment and scales and balances with headquarters in Germany and sales offices in France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK, the USA, Chile, Turkey, Hong Kong and China. PCE Instruments was founded in 1999 by engineers in Germany.

Products, partly manufactured under the PCE Instruments® trademark and partly produced by other renowned manufacturers include but are not limited to:

Moisture analyser

PCE Instruments offers various types of moisture analysers, including hand-held devices, moisture balances and inline moisture meters specifically designed for moisture measurement of bulk materials. The latter can be installed in conveyors, silos, troughs, augers, etc. and measure the material moisture without interruption of the production process. Measurable materials include grain, coffee beans, concrete, sand, pellets, wood chips, granules, food and pet food, powders and other bulk materials.

Infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometers can be used anywhere heat is to be measured without direct contact to the object, e. g. in heating and air conditioning, in food safety applications, in agriculture, in electrical systems, in the industrial sector or in recycling. Nearly a billion tonnes of waste is generated worldwide per year. A huge amount of that waste then goes to waste recycling plants in the refuse bunkers of which heat can become a huge problem and cause a fire in the worst case. To avoid this, the temperature constantly needs to be observed, for example by using infrared thermometers. These are available from PCE Instruments in any price category, with or without additional functions and in most cases with several accessories available.

Crane scales

Crane scales and heavy weighing equipment are used to weigh suspended loads that often occur in logistics, engineering, metal processing, recycling, as well as in the industrial, construction and logistics sectors. PCE Instruments’ hanging scales / crane scales are available with various weighing capacities and ranges, accuracies and functions. All models come calibrated and most crane scales include or are available with an optional calibration certificate.

Condition monitoring

PCE Instruments offers some equipment for condition monitoring, i. e. for the regular measurement of parameters like air and material temperature, relative humidity, absolute moisture, vibration, pressure, noise, etc. in industrial environments.

Rotation meters are used to measure rotational speeds of machines and equipment, conveyor belts, motors and other moving parts which can be an indication for equipment faults.

Observing noise, vibration, temperature and other parameters is very important in the quarrying industry to avoid machinery downtime.

Non-destructive surface testing can be important, for instance, when it comes to measuring the condition of a material without having to stop a machine, which plays an important role in bulk materials handling.

Industrial weighing solutions

In bulk materials handling, huge amounts of material have to be weighed. Filling levels in huge tanks and silos can only be determined by using weighing solutions specifically designed for the industrial and bulk handling sector. PCE Instruments offers these solutions as well as belt weighing scales, etc.

Industrial borescope

An industrial borescope or inspection camera is used to visually inspect objects that cannot be accessed directly. Borescopes with a rigid cable are normally the cheaper option and therefore very frequently purchased but if you need to look around corners or access very confined spaces, an industrial borescope with a flexible or semi-rigid cable is the ideal tool to look into machines and equipment, containers, tanks, cable ducts, ducting and piping systems, etc.

The company constantly improves and innovates its existing products and services. To ensure constant innovation and develop new products, a new R&D department was recently founded in Germany Most products are designed particularly for the industrial sector. Repairs and calibration services are carried out by PCE Instruments directly or by the company’s suppliers / accredited calibration laboratories.

PCE Instruments (12 branches) sells to any country in the world, except North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan.


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