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Screenpod Design & Manufacture
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Screenpod is a design and manufacture specialist of screening and recycling solutions for the global marketplace. With a unique in-house designed range of products from the Screenpod rotary screener, Airtrac 1500 windshifter, Airvac airlift separation units, Startech screening buckets & Crushmaster crushing buckets the company provides cost effective and practical solutions to its customers recycling and materials handling requirements.

Each of our products are designed to clean our customer’s material, saving them money and adding value by enhancing the finished product, With an innovative range of optional extras, Screenpod ensure that their products are versatile and meet the customer’s specific needs on varying applications, We make it a priority to understand the needs and demands of our customers and we respond accordingly with innovative solutions.

New concepts are being continually developed so that Screenpod can go even further to streamline the way material is handled and processed for our clients. Ultimately this will improve efficiency and save our clients even more money in the future, we at Screenpod are proud to have a “build to last” ethos firmly engrained in our company structure.

Screenpod AirVac airlift Separators, in design we are trying to produce real world solutions using an array of vacuum technologies incorporating various drives from electric, hydraulic & diesel engine. A cost-effective solution can be found for removal of plastics or light contamination from compost, bark, skip waste rejects and second generation recycled aggregates. Screenpod take a view to select the right machine for our customers that can be incorporated easily within their current system. Our universally adaptable vacuum heads are designed to fit most mobile or static machines, comprising an adjustable vacuum head unit fitted over a stockpile conveyor belt or screen box with ductwork and a suction fan unit.

Screenpod STARTECH Screening Buckets

Screenpod STARTECH screening buckets are innovative and durable in design, by incorporating the very best Hardox wear resistant materials available in the market today we have created a screening bucket that is both solid in construction and lighter in weight allowing fitting on a wider range of excavators and loading shovels.

To ensure the maximum performance and efficiency over a wider range of materials we fit a double drive system with 2 x heavy duty hydraulic motors to each unit as standard. Changeable blade sets are available and our design ensures easy maintenance and serviceability of each unit.

Startech have 3 grain sizes available as standard 16, 24 & 35mm and can offer alternative solutions for specialist materials if required, our buckets screen a wide range of materials from topsoil, peat, compost, mulch, even asphalt millings, and are used in applications from recycling of demolition and builders waste to mixing and soil stabilization.

Screenpod Airtac 1500 Windshifter

The Screenpod Airtac 1500 Windshifter unit allows customers to incorporate air separation into new or current processing configurations that experience contaminates in the materials. The technology offers an alternative to manual sorting which is both exhausting and expensive.

Screenpod Design & Manufacture Launch New Startech Star Screen Range

Ready for dispatch our new 1.5M wide x 18 shaft hydraulically adjustable static star screen unit.
Star aperture hydraulic adjustable from 4mm to 104mm, this gives great flexibility in screening size whilst working with variable moisture contents & particle sizes of material. Speed control infinitely adjustable up to 170rpm, shafts are direct driven by individual electric motors for ease-of maintenance. (No change of chains and sprockets for maintenance)

The flexibility of our adjustment allows for replacement /repair of an individual shaft without having to strip multiple rows out thus saving hours of downtime on site.

Screenpod Startech units available:

  • 800mm x 12 Shaft
  • 1200mm x 12 Shaft
  • 1.5M x 18 Shaft

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