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Terex Ecotec
TBG 630 processing green waste in UK
The TBG 630 has also received rigorous testing in the field, processing a range of different applications both in the UK and Europe. Commenting on its performance Steven Aiken, Engineering Manager for Terex Ecotec said “We are impressed by the consistent performance and throughput of the TBG 630, 661HP swinging hammer high speed shredder. This is a high volume machine designed to produce a high quality product at unrivalled production rates. Extremely versatile it can be used for the fine shredding of a wide variety of materials from green waste to pallets and waste wood.
Unlike conventional high speed shredders the layout is different greatly improving service access and ease of loading. We believe we have created a machine that is right for our dealers’ markets, giving the end user exactly what they require.”
TBG 630 in action during live VDMA demonstrations at IFAT
Intelligent Shredding
Powered by a 661HP Scania V8 DC16 engine, the tracked TBG 630 is the ultimate processing machine and has been designed to give operators unrivalled performance, ease of maintenance and superb fuel efficiency. The open fronted feeder enables the machine to be fed quickly and easily from the rear, using six rows of heavy duty drag chains. Due to an intelligent, independent hydrostatic drag chain and feed wheel system, the machine has the ability to vary infeed speed depending on the engine load and rotor RPM. The
feeder can also be stopped, started and reversed from the push of a button on the remote. A novel feature is the feed wheel lift/downward assist, which sees the feed wheel rise over material whilst applying a downward force to break up and push material into the rotor.
Robust Rotor
At the heart of the machine is the 1,100mm diameter x 1,75z0mm wide swinging hammer rotor. This robust, direct drive rotor rotates at 1000rpm and incorporates 36 up- swinging hammers. A wide selection of hammer designs and customisable, interchangeable screens are available which ensure end product material specification is met. Metal contaminants are always a concern when using a high speed machine; the TBG 630 has a clever screen kickback system. Should unshreddable material enter the shredder, a pressure sensor will automatically release the screen allowing the material to quickly pass through reducing the risk of accidental damage. The screen can also be released by the operator using the remote control. The unique machine layout and maintenance catwalks offer operators unrestricted access to both sides of the engine making servicing a simple task. Industry leading conveyor discharge height of 5.1m maximises stockpile capacity and allows loader operators to easily remove processed material. An optional over-band magnet to remove any ferrous metal from the waste stream is also available. The TBG 630 excels in all high speed applications and is particularly well suited to waste wood processing and green waste shredding.
The TBG 630 can also be fitted with the new T-Link telemetry system. T-Link is a remote monitoring, fleet management system that combines the machines’ inbuilt CANbus control system with satellite positioning and telematics software. Available online anywhere and at any time, T-Link provides instant access to key data including comprehensive information on GPS machine location, start and stop times, fuel consumption, operating hours, maintenance status and much more. Analysing this data can improve machine operation, increase uptime and allow in-depth reporting and fleet management.
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