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Volvo builds on the high capacity and hauling speeds of its rigid hauler with intelligent monitoring systems. The On-Board Weighing (OBW) option is an integrated system that ensures the machine moves the optimum safe payload to further optimise production and minimise operational costs. It does this by using exterior-mounted pressure sensors to monitor and relay machine statistics to the operator’s on-board display. Not only can machine information be viewed in real- time via the on-board display, it can be remotely accessed via Volvo’s CareTrack® telematics system to help operators and fleet managers improve planning.
Customers interested in increasing the productivity of existing and future projects can access Volvo Site Simulation with the help of their local Volvo dealer. The system works by providing customers with valuable information about their machinery, fleet choices and site configuration, helping them maximise productivity, while better managing ownership and operational costs.
Durable by design
Uptime and productivity are centered on the machine’s durable design, which promotes high component protection and longer lifecycles, for extended intervals between planned maintenance.
Offering rock-solid stability, the R100E conquers the toughest terrains while in complete control. The robust hauler offers a low centre of gravity and is equipped with an expertly designed body and chassis that work in harmony with the McPherson strut with lower wishbone front suspension and the new low-effort steering system. The operator can easily maneuver around tight corners with light, intuitive steering provided by the pilot-operated remote-mounted orbitrol control valve.
Not only is the R100E designed to achieve optimum performance and productivity through high levels of operator comfort, machine control and stability, it also promises to reduce repair costs. The front suspension is widely spaced to absorb load and ground surface shocks and protect vital machine structures. Detailed engineering is also evident in the machine frame ‘horse collar’ design, providing flexibility to travel on uneven terrain. Manufactured from box-section steer rails, the frame features high-strength steel castings in the key stress locations to absorb ground impacts. All frame bores are sleeved for additional protection. A significant investment was spent in frame and body rigorous testing, which included applying 60,000 hours’ worth of chassis fatigue loads. With a body manufactured from high impact and high abrasion- resistant 400-HBW-hard steel the R100E rigid hauler achieves long-lasting performance.
The operator’s choice
Not only a highly efficient machine, the R100E also brings operator productivity to the fore – starting with the ROPS/FOPS-certified operator cab. Offering reduced vibrations and exterior noise, the cab is fitted onto viscous-type isolation mounts for greater ride quality.
From the operator seat, located on the left side of the cab, the operator can observe the job site and surrounding areas through the large glass area and a low rake windscreen. Good visibility is complemented by a 360° surround view system provided by Volvo Smart View. The system uses multiple ultra- wide angle exterior-mounted cameras to produce a bird's-eye- view of the vehicle and surrounding work area via the on- board display. Benefits of this 360° system extend beyond
increasing operator and worksite personnel safety; it also reduces or eliminates collisions with other objects to minimise machine and tyre damage, particularly when reversing as it enables operators to safely avoid ground obstructions. Reducing the risk of accidental machine damage lowers repair costs and increases uptime.
All displays and ergonomically positioned fingertip controls are within reach of the fully adjustable Volvo air suspension operator seat, easily adjusted to fit the operator’s physique. The cab is equipped with pressurised properties and HVAC control, as well as ample storage to reduce in-cab clutter and distractions.
As with all Volvo machines, the rigid hauler is built with safety in mind and safety is designed into every aspect of the high- performance machine. For the protection of both the operator and site staff, all machine systems, such as the emergency shutdown switches are easily accessible. The transmission retarder and neutral coast inhibitor secure safe machine control in downhill conditions, while the engine overspeed protection automatically slows the machine down to safe operating limits.
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