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FusionCast® passes the screen test
High quality, reliable and durable screen media can prevent costly unscheduled downtime and help operators avoid rescreening material. Scott Campbell, Product Manager for Weir Minerals Europe’s FusionCast® range of screen media, discusses the steps businesses can take to increase equipment efficiency and avoid unplanned change-outs.
A continuing demand for aggregates requires reliable equipment and screen media in order to maintain maximum efficiency. Traditionally, many operations have used woven wire cloth as screening media, however this can be subject to high wear, resulting in frequent change-outs.
With the introduction of wear-resistant materials such as rubber, polyurethane and perforated steel, the options have never been greater. It is vital that the right screen media for each application is selected if operators are to avoid unplanned downtime and expense.
The first step is to consider all aspects of the aggregate operation and to identify any challenges that might affect production rates or profitability. A second factor is to consider the composition of the material going through the screen media and to consult an expert from an experienced equipment provider to match the most suitable screen media to the application. Thirdly, the screen media itself must be installed and maintained by an expert.
A process of elimination
Identifying the most productive screen media involves scrutinising the screening process itself. Look at the material being processed and assess whether the screen media is achieving a suitable lifespan for this operation. If not, pinpoint what problems are occurring, and why.
The size, weight and abrasiveness of the material being processed will all affect equipment performance. Gravel, for example, typically requires media with excellent wear resistance to cope with the high abrasiveness, whereas larger particles (up to 25cm) need durable screen media to handle the constant high impact.
A further step is to consider the vibrating screen itself and carry out a vibration analysis. Some systems can safely monitor vibrating screen performance in real time and pinpoint irregularities before small issues begin to affect performance or require significant maintenance. The machine itself may be running well but changing the screen media used may prevent irregularities and damage.
Operators should examine screen media wear to determine whether it may be beneficial to switch to a more durable form in any of the screening phases, particularly since broken screen media can result in unscheduled change-outs.
It can take around one hour to shut down a vibrating screen and change a section of screen media – which in terms of lost production can result in the loss of hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Choose a supplier that will carry out a vibration analysis before and after installation to ensure everything runs smoothly.
It is wise to examine discarded screen media for signs of problems such as broken wires, pegging or blinding – premature wear is a sign that the wrong type may be in use, which can also result in unwanted material in the screened pile, leading in turn to costly rescreening.
Engineering a solution
Highly engineered screen media – such as the FusionCast® range from Weir Minerals – can offer a longer service life than wire alternatives. The complete offering includes metallic, polyurethane and rubber screen media, as well as perforated metal plates and electro welded mesh.
Double crimped wire mesh.
Regular FusionCast metal mesh.
Rubber and polyurethane materials dampen the noise level during the screening process, allowing for more operational hours in areas with decibel limits or time restrictions. Screen media made from these materials are also versatile and can be made to order for a specific operator – for example, the top layer could comprise soft polyurethane while the bottom layer may be more rigid to cope with hard-hitting applications.
When switching to modern, engineered screen media, an experienced equipment provider such as Weir Minerals Europe will be able to advise on the best products for each individual site and application.
FusionCast® is a robust screen media designed to maximise up-time and efficiency. The range includes metallic, polyurethane, rubber, dewatering and perforated metal screen media. For more information, please contact +44 (0)1706 814 251.
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