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Eriez Europe’s Solution to
Optimum Metal Recovery
Metal Recycling
Metal recycling is an essential component of the wider circular economy. Provided the correct separation processes are put in place valuable non-ferrous material can be extracted from residential and commercial waste and injected back into the economy as secondary raw materials. The reuse of these materials reduces waste and pollution, saves natural resources and protects the surrounding environment from potential industrial mining.
Metal recycling inevitably experiences many challenges, the most common being the growing complexity of modern day product design. Today, the fabrication of vehicles, transportation, construction, consumer goods and everyday household objects contain a number of metal components, making the separation process increasingly difficult.
Through wealth of knowledge and experience Eriez Europe are able to recommend the best metal recovery solutions available to the metal recycling industry. Eriez manufacture a wide range of magnetic separation equipment for the metal recycling industry including Eddy Current Separators (ECS), designed and developed for efficient recovery of non-ferrous metals from a variety of waste streams. Eriez ECS are available in size ranges from 0.5 to 2 meters wide with magnetic rotor designs to suit specific separation objectives.
The latest ST22 high-gauss ECS has been refined through extensive research and material testing to minimise magnetic field loss over distance. Subsequently, the ST22 is able to offer
unparalleled recovery rates of non-ferrous metal as small as 1mm. This model is frequently utilised in fine waste streams such as PET flake and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
For the recovery of non-ferrous metals from larger waste streams, Eriez developed the LT2 deep field ECS for maximum recovery of particles larger than 25mm. The successful applications for this model include Scrap Metal recycling, Biomass and Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA).
Eriez recently re-developed the LC “Can Separator” ECS to remove oversize non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium cans. The LC ECS has proven highly popular for its economy, efficiency and ability to achieve 95% aluminium recovery with 95% purity in household waste processing.
For more complex waste streams, Eriez have built a fully equipped recycling test centre allowing metal recyclers to trial their material on a full range of separation equipment. Eriez then work with waste processors and recyclers to ensure the best metal recovery solutions are achieved.
Screening & Lining Solutions
SCS specialises in the design, manufacture, installation of synthetic screening surfaces and wear resistant linings to the mineral processing industry.
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