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Liberty House Group’s new Liebherr LH 120 gantry- mounted material handler
Central requirements for the large material handler were its ability to reach the various grades of material along the loading area, the need for the operator to see inside the scrap bins (as careful layering of the material is required to provide a good material mix), longevity and low operating costs. Liebherr’s Area Sales Manager Carl Longhorne dealt with the initial enquiry before handing over to local Sales Manager Andy Foster and Materials Handling Specialist Mike Hanlon who were instrumental in delivering the required specification along with a very attractive package to seal the deal. ‘What we have purchased is probably the Rolls-Royce of material handling machines,’ Ryan said. ‘The overall package from Liebherr far outweighs that of the competition and coupled with the amazing build quality it has made us realise that we should have looked at Liebherr before.’
The LH 120 has been specified with a gantry- type undercarriage that lifts the body of the crane over 7 m from the ground. Support from a pair of 8.5 m long crawler frames riding on 750 mm wide pads gives the material handler an extremely stable stance. Access to the huge operator’s cab is via a network of galvanised and well-lit ladders and access platforms. ‘The cab is such a modern environment compared to our other material handlers,’ Ryan comments. ‘The layout is very good and the vision, thanks to the large glass screens, is also very good.’ To ensure the weight of the material loaded into each bin is accurate, a wireless load sensing system sends the exact weights from the basket to a screen inside the cab. The large upper structure is home to a Tier 3B Liebherr diesel engine and, thanks to the cavernous housing, allows easy access for maintenance and servicing.
The LH 120 is available with a variety of boom, dipper and attachment combinations. The Liberty House Group machine is equipped with a 26 m reach and a 1.5 m3 capacity TGS five-tine grab. The large working range enables the operator to reach the different grades and types of material along the loading bay with ease. The added height of the cab complete with its 2.5 m fixed riser gives the operator an almost 9 m sight line from the ground, making it easier to load the large scrap bins. Working quickly and effectively to load the bins in a variety of layers, the Liebherr’s smooth operation has impressed the management and operators alike.
The material handler has been purchased with a comprehensive service arrangement from the manufacturer as Liberty House Group realises that it is the front-line loader when it comes to keeping its operations on track. ‘We had an issue with hose couplings early doors but have resolved this by doing away with quick couplers and routing the hose connections with a permanent coupler. Whilst this wasn’t Liebherr’s issue, it was something they looked at and helped us resolve. There have been some other minor issues that have been quickly resolved by the Liebherr service team in Sheffield with the crane running extremely well after bedding in.’ July 2018 - Issue 51
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