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them through their paces, it was then that the Sennebogen really stood apart from the competition”. Steve went on to talk about the differences they identified between the Sennebogen 830E and the competitors equivalent: “we found we got about 1m additional reach with the Sennebogen, and we also preferred the uninterrupted operators view thanks to joystick steering option (no steering wheel column blocking line of sight), as well as the build quality and reliability of the Robotec 0.8m capacity orange peel grab attachment that came with the Sennebogen.”
Both Shawn and Steve were very keen to point out that as part of their purchasing process, it wasn’t all about the machine; they also looked closely at the business we would be buying from and looked for a company which had similar outlook and principals, it was obvious from the first few
conversations that this was the case. Steve said: “confidence in the aftersales backup is critical for us. We run multiple busy sites and a machine down can soon cause big headaches. Although we have not had to call on Molson yet, the proximity of Molson’s Bristol depot and the scale of their operation give us confidence that they can get us going when called upon.” July 2018 - Issue 51
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