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Recycling Made Mobile
The HUB-4 team visited M&K during Hillhead 2018 to take a look at their brand-new range of recycling equipment. M&K are an expert in the design and manufacture of end-to-end innovative & efficient materials/waste processing technology, combining unparalleled technological manufacturing capabilities with decades of marketplace and application expertise. M&K design, manufacture & support, static & mobile Waste Recycling Solutions for RDF, SRF, C&D, C&I, Co-Mingled, Compost & Trommel Fines applications.
All eyes were on the new range of Mobile Recycling Equipment that M&K officially launched in front of customers and dealers at Hillhead 2018. Visitors got their first glimpse of the new machines that combine a wealth of application and process knowledge, with proven components, new technologies and striking new designs – all providing cost effective and productive solutions to fulfil the needs of today’s Waste Recycling customers. In addition, customers and dealers were also briefed on M&K’s ambitious mobile recycling technology development strategy that will realise the release to market of 6 new mobile waste recycling machines in 2018 & 2019.
We spoke with Desmond Rafferty, Managing Director of M&K who told us more “The industry has always looked to M&K to define the future of Waste Recycling - whether that be Artificial Intelligence & Robotics or recycling on a mobile platform. Hillhead 2018 is the perfect showcase for our new innovations and to demonstrate to the industry that M&K will continue to lead the way. The Waste Recycling Sector is undergoing changes, particularly in the UK & Europe. Waste Contractors/Waste Recyclers are being forced to raise standards of the final products. In the recycled aggregates sector, the quality of the products that are being produced has to rise to meet the rising standards demanded of aggregate customers. M&K will provide Waste Contractors/Waste Recyclers with solutions to these problems”.
With customer input key to the development of the new mobile recycling range the products have undergone extensive field testing – with very positive results. One such customer is David Hamilton from Hamilton Waste & Recycling in Edinburgh.
David Hamilton, Managing Director explained “M&K have been a valued partner to Hamilton Waste & Recycling for the last decade or so. When M&K asked us to test the TPS120 Track Picking Station (Patent Pending) we were so impressed that we actually bought the prototype. The TPS120 is a very innovative machine and cleverly balances functionality with mobility. The variable speed feeder and Air Separator are unique on a mobile picking station. We utilise the TPS120 in various applications including aggregate clean-up, hardcore clean-up, Wood Recycling & Metal’s clean-up. We are delighted with the machine”.
Evolution to Revolution
Nigel Rafferty of M&K was also on hand and explained “M&K are not, and have never been, just a plant builder in the sense that M&K design and manufacture all the key recycling technologies, including Trommels, Waste Screens, Flip Flow
Screens, Air Density Separators, Eddy Current Separators, Shredders & Automation & Control Systems, rather than just conveyors and walkways. The evolution into the development of mobile recycling technology is natural for M&K, given our background in the mobile screening and crushing industry in the 1980’s & 1990’s. In practical terms it involves M&K re- engineering our existing, proven technology, on a mobile platform in order to create a product with the perfect synergy of function and aesthetics. We are extremely proud of all our employees that worked so hard to complete designs and manufacture & assemble the mobile products so quickly - all while we designed and built a huge Artificial Intelligence Powered Robotic Waste Sorting Plant on the other side of the world”.
Products launched at the Hillhead 2018 Exhibition
M&K TPS120 Track Picking Station with inbuilt Air Separator (Patent Pending)
M&K TSW125 Track Waste Screener
The M&K TPS120 is a revolutionary addition to M&K’s world- beating Waste Recycling Equipment range utilising key technologies developed over many years. The innovative combination of Heavy Duty Belt Feeder, Air Separation System, Picking Belt & Cabin and Magnet all on the same tracked chassis brings indisputable benefits. In addition to cost savings from the diesel-electric power unit, easy transport and improved safety, the quick setup times of the TPS120 increases the effective production time and consequently the production capacity.
The new M&K TPS120 Track Picking Station with Air Separator is the right choice for waste recycling operations. It’s heavy- duty design guarantees a reliable solution and high capacity, even with the harshest feed materials. The TPS120 operates electrically by using the on-board diesel generator or by plugging into an external power source when an external power source is available or when the unit is being used
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