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Warwick Ward help North West
Recycling increase output with two new
North West Recycling (NWR) of Carlisle, Cumbria employ over 90 people at their 16acre site in North West Carlisle, they specialise in skip hire, C & D and I & C waste recycling and the supply of recycled and quarried aggregates to the local area. Processing over 100,000tonnes of material every year they need equipment that will handle the throughput and demanding environment.
Warwick Ward, their long-standing equipment partner have recently installed a new Case CX130D excavator fitted with a hydraulic sorting grab and a new Terex Ecotec TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder to improve the site output and increase productivity.
We talked with Dave Bamber, who manages Operations on behalf of NWR.
“We built up a relationship with Warwick Ward following the purchase of the CASE CX130D Excavator. Several Companies had demonstrated their 14 tonne excavators and with feedback from the Site Plant Operatives we decided the CASE was the right choice. The machines work in dusty environments and so the design of the Cooling system was a particular attraction of this machine. 10% lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs were also key features.
Whilst we continued to grow as a company and became more efficient with our operations we needed a mobile shredding unit to reduce bulky waste going to landfill. Again following several demonstration units we decided that The Terex TDS820 Slow Speed Shredder was the correct choice. We originally hired the shredder from Warwick Ward on a 6 month hire contract, but we were so pleased with the machine and the results that we are achieving, we decided to buy the machine after 3 months. We especially liked the Terex Ecotec TDS 820 Slow Speed Shredder as it had the independently driven twin shaft shredding chamber that handles all the different kinds of material here with ease. We are also happy with the user- friendly features, ease of maintenance, low running costs, the tonnage that we can produce and the fact that we now have zero bulky waste going to landfill. Since the purchase of the Terex TDS820 Slow Speed Shredder we are now looking at other products from Warwick Ward to help with our SRF line as their service has been excellent”.
Terex TDS 820 slow speed shredder
The Terex TDS 820 slow speed shredder is purpose-built to process all types of material, whether it is domestic, industrial or bulky solid waste. This industrial shredder features customizable shredding programs that give operators the opportunity to configure the machine to their specific requirements, reduce material wrapping and maximize production. Designed with independently-driven shafts, this double-shaft slow speed shredder is assured to give machine operators excellent performance in even the most challenging of applications. The TDS 820 includes a hydrostatic drive that provides increased protection against contamination and allows for bi-directional shredding as well. Its 2-meter long shafts are manufactured with a fully-welded tooth
configuration, which makes for massive throughput and excellent material reduction. Its independent gearboxes enable each shaft to be run separately to reduce material wrappage for effective shredding operations.
Additional features include the tipping feeder which increases the feed area. Hopper extensions provide increased capacity in bulky applications. The TDS820 is powered by the following engines dependent on geographic area and emission regulations; Scania DC13 330kw (440HP) Tier 4 final for the US and EU, Scania DC13 371kw (497HP) constant speed for the EU and the Scania DC13 331kw (440HP) Tier 2 for RoW.
CASE CX130D excavator
The new CASE CX130D excavator provides greater fuel efficiency, more digging power, higher lifting capacities and better controllability. In addition to the high precision and smooth control of our CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System, the CX130D has a new electronically controlled hydraulic pump, a larger control valve and solenoid valves. Maintenance is easy with standard oil sample ports and grouped service points.
Warwick Ward offer customers the option to hire for a set period giving them the chance to check on the suitability of the machine and the viability of any processes prior to buying the machine outright or financing on an operating lease basis. Hire also gives the option to cover both breakdowns and temporary upturns in production. For more information on Warwick Ward please visit
Terex TDS 820 slow speed shredder at NWR
CASE CX130D excavator working hard July 2018 - Issue 51
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