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A recycling plant that meets
everyone’s requirements!
Green Planet, based in Norwich, have recently taken ownership of a Kiverco recycling plant. Both companies engaged in an extensive consultation process to ensure that not only were their own commercial objectives met, but also that the plant met the requirements of others, such as neighbours and the local authority.
With the company growing rapidly, Green Planet soon required a static recycling plant to replace their current Kiverco mobile plant. They currently recycle a range of materials: plastics, cardboard, metals, construction and demolition waste. Recycling these materials in higher volumes and meeting higher environmental targets were some of Green Planet’s own objectives. At the same time, they also had to ensure that requirements from neighbours and the local authority were also met. Through various consultations, Kiverco were able to advise on solutions to minimise noise and dust emissions such as fitting the conveyors with covers and installing the feeder and 830 Trommel inside the main building. The 7-bay picking station has been painted in a special colour to blend in more effectively with its surroundings. Extensive walkways also enable safe and rapid access to all key points on the plant.
| p76 | July 2018 - Issue 51

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