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Michael, continued, “We are currently heavily involved in plant installations in Australia, Dubai and Sri Lanka and we are also very busy with several installations across the UK.”
“Because of this we have seen our turnover double and we can clearly see a strong future, forecasting a very strong 5 year business plan. ”
BlueMAC see their core business in designing MRFs, adapting the plant to accommodate multiple types of waste stream. However, last year saw a break away from this norm when, through the R&D arm of BlueMac they designed and supplied four off-loading hoppers for Belfast Harbour Commission which have been so successful that additional orders have been received this year.
This healthy order book is all credit to them and their hands- on-approach which has proved very successful in supplying a fully commissioned plant and a hand-over to the customer.
The last word came from Pat McGeary – Chairman of Blue Group, “It’s been a significant change at BlueMAC over the last two years. Although the supply structure has been changed the philosophy and ethos remains intact. It’s a fact that the company is more flexible today and able to cope with the growing demand we are experiencing. Certainly, with the strength and backing of the Blue Group our customers understand that we can support them for as long as they need!”
The future is certainly ‘Green’ for the waste industry!
“It’s very clear that there is a global change in relation to waste and we can see a genuine appetite for the drive to ‘zero waste’ . There is a great deal of growing concern over the management of waste in such regions as the Middle East, Egypt and Africa, all now developing targets for waste reduction. Even in the UK we are behind on 2020 and 2025 targets, meaning there needs to be more investment and strategies implemented closer to home.” Nov 2018 - Issue 53
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