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Strategic Focus on Product Improvement
Historically, Powerscreen has gone above and beyond in its product development efforts, focusing on what customers need to be successful in their industries and applications across quarrying, mining, C&D and recycling industries globally.
Now offering a comprehensive range of machines to serve these markets, the team behind the all-encompassing product range are focused on improvements to offer even more customer value, namely, improving the efficiency of the product and making them easier to operate and maintain.
Neil Robinson, Product Manager, explains, “Since we have the most comprehensive range of machines in the market our focus is on improvements because we know what is most valued for our customers—making our machines easier to use and to be more effective.”
An example of such improvements is Powerscreen’s Premiertrak 600 which now has an extra-long feeder option, enabling the operator to implement loading with a 50-tonne excavator. This option—which will become available early 2019—matches the machinery with the loader.
The Premiertrak 400, that has become the Premiertrak 400X, is another example. Neil explains, “In addition to machine modifications, the 400X was refined to make it easier to operate, easier to adjust, and features automatic settings— again a big focus on easier operation and consequently more uptime.
“Our customers have trusted us and helped us to build and define the industry, as well as creating ways for people to work safely. It is through constructively working with our customers that we will continue to find new solutions and opportunities to better serve their needs.”
Conveyor Range
Another sign of working with customers is the development of its conveying range, to help quarry owners better cope with bigger production levels.
Neil explains, “We have developed our conveyor range as the cost of using wheel loaders—such as the cost of diesel and operators to control them—has become extortionate. Our new tracked conveyor facilitates a higher stockpile, reducing the use of a loader so it is more cost effective for our customers. It equates to less downtime and more efficiency throughout the processing operation, as the loader can be employed elsewhere. It also improves site safety, through the reduction of loader and haul truck movements.”
Global Brand—Local Service
One of Powerscreen’s most important strengths is their Global Dealer Network of 120 companies who work tirelessly across the world to serve their customers. It makes sense, therefore, that Powerscreen invests heavily in supporting their dealers to both grow their businesses and provide aftermarket support—from machine purchase through to technical support, service and spare parts.
Powerscreen provides comprehensive training for all dealers’ service staff, equipping them with the correct skills, knowledge, methods and practices to serve their customers in the field.
Joe Cassidy, Sales and Application Support Manager, commented, “The success of our dealerships is important to us. The combination of our global dealer network and factory service personnel gives us the ability to provide an extensive range of services—when our customers require them. Our highly skilled engineers are involved from commissioning a plant, inspections, through to regular maintenance to keep our Powerscreen products operational and performing to their best.”
Powerscreen Premiertrak 400X
High Efficiency through Parts Backup and Precise Information
Machine uptime is critical to customer return on investment and Powerscreen knows it. As well as local service support through their huge dealer network, recent Terex investment is making sure their customers have the right parts available at the right time—through its bespoke parts facility that serves Powerscreen customers globally, and Powerscreen Pulse— technology to help monitor the machine’s usage so that customers know in advance when they might need a spare part or plan for a service.
Powerscreen’s range of genuine crushing and screening spare parts are designed specifically for use in Powerscreen equipment—parts that have proven to enhance performance and reliability, helping maximise machine uptime. Access to these parts is seamless thanks to the slick operation of the Terex Materials Processing Parts Facility, providing a reliable, efficient supply of parts to Powerscreen customers.
Michael O’Neill, Engineering Director, explains, “We use Powerscreen Pulse technology to make real-world
benefits for our customers. We can
also use the data to plan for when parts might need replacing, or when a machine might need to be serviced, which in turn maximises machine uptime and return on investment. When a report indicates that a part will be needed, customers can easily order it online, which is then processed efficiently through our parts facility.”
As well as supporting predictive
maintenance, Powerscreen Pulse
generates frequent data on fuel
consumption, output production
tonnages, GPS machine tracking,
operating hours—all to help
Powerscreen customers manage their fleet, which
is particularly useful for contractors and plant rental companies.
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