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The heart of this new model is the new triple shaft screenbox, featuring two “true” full size 16’ x 5’ screening decks, that generates an aggressive screening action—reducing plugging and blinding over the screen decks to provide a quality product with high tonnage output.
Nigel explains, “The aggressive screening action makes it ideal for fine screening a diverse range of materials. Even when we tested it under a heavy load, the screenbox consistently produced high tonnages across a range of difficult and challenging applications.”
New design features incorporated to maximise overall operational efficiency include an increased width of the fines conveyor to 900mm wide, an increased hydraulic power to the fines conveyor and an engine setting to run at a lower speed. These updates will be carried across the standard 883+ platform and will be a feature on plants configured with either the standard screenbox or Spaleck screenbox option.
The new 883+ Triple Shaft Screener retains key features of the current 883+ screener, including the ability to hydraulically raise the discharge end 500mm that facilitates easy and efficient media changing.
The Revolutionary Telematics–More than just Numbers
On top of new product innovations, T-Link—a remote monitoring and management system that is now across the full range of crushers—is also a huge innovation for the Terex Finlay crusher portfolio.
Nigel commented, “Saying a machine has telematics is one thing, but it’s how we help grow our customer’s businesses through the information pulled from T-Link that sets us apart.”
Terex Finlay 883+ Triple shaft
T-Link enables the owner to stay connected and keep track of their equipment, monitor work progress, manage logistics, access critical machine information, analyse and optimise machine performance and perform remote operator support.
Nigel further explains, “The benefits of T-Link are endless. Owners enhance their machine uptime through knowing their machine hours and planning predictive maintenance and servicing, have better security and visibility knowing the real- time location of their machines, and improve their fleet management and performance, through data including fuel economy reporting, idle/working time monitoring and engine load recording. Our team helps our customers interpret their data and make whatever changes or predictive maintenance necessary to maximise machine uptime and utmost efficiency, leading to what they want—highest return on investment.”
Terex Finlay I-120 Impact crusher
Looking Ahead
60 years on from when it started, Terex Finlay continues to thrive across the world. According to Nigel, “Global demand being what it is today, we are looking at every opportunity to try and increase our capacity to meet demand for our products. As recycling operations in Europe increase, for example, we are seeing demand for our machines that cater for those applications increase. Having said that, we are constantly expanding our distribution network and streamlining our services to our customers, resulting in all of our markets increasing worldwide.”
After learning all about this significant anniversary milestone and latest innovations to mark the occasion, the HUB-4 team were treated to a tour of the factory, where we saw the various departments in full production leading to the final assembly shop before dispatch. It’s a fitting tribute to John Finlay as today Terex Finlay reach forever skyward to their next goals. Nov 2018 - Issue 53
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