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Keeping you up
and running with Hardox Wearparts®
In todays’ competitive times, it can be extremely difficult to find a supplier that you can fully rely on.
Hardox Wearparts® is a program created by SSAB (Swedish Steel), to help provide a network of fully qualified, and registered, partners who can assist you with any wear problems you are experiencing. This program is a global network of partners that represent a unified sign of quality.
Together with the unmatched properties of Hardox® Wear Plate, this network is able to offer a complete package in terms of wearparts to best solve your problem areas. There is a wealth of knowledge available to each centre, by talking with their designated Wear Service Managers, industry and segment experts at SSAB headquarters in Sweden, as well as discussing certain success cases amongst each other.
This was extremely evident during the early stages of October 2018, when the Global Conference for Hardox Wearparts® was held in Nykoping, Sweden. 330 participants took part in the event, and it was great to see just how much each and every one of them valued the experience. These participants came from far and wide, and were a true reflection of just how powerful this network has become. Comprising of a whopping 450 members to date, in as many as 88 countries, it is by far the largest network of its kind, and it keeps getting stronger.
Not only does this network provide the quality of Hardox® Wear Plate, but it has a number of complementary products on offer, to best suit every situation.
Products currently on offer through the network:
• Hardox® Wear Plate – The Worlds’ leading abrasion- resistant steel with its ability to combine excellent abrasion-resistance, together with toughness and workshop friendliness placing it streaks above the rest.
• Strenx® Performance Steel – Offering performance beyond any ordinary structural steel, to help you achieve stronger, lighter, safer and more sustainable products.
• Toolox® Engineering and Tool Steel – Pre-hardened Tool Steel, with unmatched hardness and toughness. Available in plate and bar, this product can work up to 590 degrees Celsius, guaranteed.
• DuroxiteTM Overlay Products – The latest in overlay technology, tackles those severe sliding/erosive wear areas with guaranteed wear properties down to 75% of the overlay surface.
• DuroxiteTMWire–HardFacingwiredesigned,and guaranteed, to match the wear resistance of our Duroxite 100 plates.
• Bi-MetalRange–Arangeofproductssuchaschocky bars, buttons and wear strips, made up of a mild steel base for easy installation and, a chrome-moly white iron surface (700BHN) for excellent wear resistance.
We currently have 13 members in the UK today, scattered all over the country to best service the market. All of them have a wealth of knowledge, and capabilities, and would love to keep you up and running, minimizing your down time.
I encourage all of you to visit, for more information on the network, or to get a quote from your nearest member today.
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