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CASE G-Series wheel loader – one year on
A year on from its launch, CASE Construction Equipment’s G-Series wheel loader has impressed operators with its combination of comfort, visibility and protection; proving to be a valuable tool in the process.
A breakthrough in operator comfort
Operator comfort was central to the launch of the G-Series wheel loaders. Premium seats, fitted with automatic adjustment technology, use a combination of operator’s weight and the external terrain to deliver perfect suspension balance. Much like an excavator, each seat also features two equally sized ergonomic joysticks mounted to the wide armrests to control steering and bucket movement. This decision has been hugely popular, with operators reporting to CASE that they find the
controls highly intuitive and easier to use for longer periods.
Totally unobstructed view
One of the most exciting takeaways from the G-Series launch was the inclusion of a panoramic view – the first of its kind in this class – and the completely unobstructed viewpoint this offers. “The G- Series brought together 60 years of CASE innovation, and we are delighted that the added focus on operator comfort and safety has proven to be so effective and well received,” said Anthony Holmlund Bouvié, CASE Construction’s Business Director for Northern Europe. “Many new customers have labelled the panoramic view as a revelation within the wheel loader market and a key factor in their decision to choose the G-Series,” Holmlund Bouvié went on to say: “It’s great that that this new feature has had such an instant impact.”
Reliable, clean and easy to maintain
CASE made sure to pay as much attention to the outside of the G-Series as the inside. This resulted in an engine that delivers high torque performance at low rpms while not requiring an EGR valve or DPF. Several fleet buyers across Europe have cited that having Tier 4 final engines without a DPF
significantly reduces their operating costs and improves reliability and thus has been crucial to their decision to purchase the CASE G-Series wheel loader.
Holmlund Bouvié concluded by saying that “CASE is delighted that so many respected and pioneering companies have decided to adopt the G-Series. We feel as though this is testament to its pioneering vision and decision to focus on people in the age of automation.”
1 + 3 years warranty 6.000 hours
Powertrain and Hydraulics coverage
For further details, please contact your local CASE dealer. Terms and conditions apply. Business users only. Offer valid on machines invoiced between 1st March 2018 and delivered by 31st December 2018. Offer is not contractual and is subject to return conditions, changes in price, supply terms and UK law.
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