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Manchester. He said “we are investing on our long-term commitment to our customers by increasing productivity and flexibility. The site has a long future and we are proud to have invested in a plant that will see the next 25 years through comfortably”.
Speaking about the project Mark Bodell from Sandvik said “When I became the stationary crushing and screening Sales Manager for England and Wales in July 2016, I was determined to bring the complete plant solutions concept that Sandvik had delivered to the rest of the world to the UK
market. I am very proud of the plant we have built here, and the partnership approached we have had with Marshalls from day one. We will now continue to work closely with Marshalls now to ensure the return of investment and longevity of the plant with a preventative maintenance plan and continue to optimise the plant to ensure maximum productivity and profitability going forward. I am looking forward to this being the first of many complete plants that Sandvik will supply to the UK aggregates market and already have had a phenomenal interest from the major British building materials suppliers for our turnkey plants”.
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