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belts with standard dimensions for quarry application up to 1200 mm, and pulley diameters up to 800 mm.”, he says. But the main advantage of Trellex® belt scrapers is the ease of installation and maintenance. Indeed, the blades are slid on a rail and thus can be easily changed when it’s worn.
Otherwise, the secondary cleaners, located underneath the conveyor belt, beneficiate from the same advantage for blade replacement. Much more efficient but also more sensitive to belt quality or patching, blades consist of steel or tungsten carbide tips on a polyurethane or rubber mount.
Automatic centering of the belt
Lastly, another major problem facing conveyors is the belt mis-tracking. "When materials fall into the feeding zone, it creates transverse forces on the belt, which can move laterally or shift from its drive pulley”, says Alain Trouillet. Thus, the consequences can sometimes be very dramatic, tearing or even cutting the belt.
To make sure the belt always stays in its axis, Trellex® has developed an automatic centering device. "Our system is mounted on the return run of the belt (underside) and constantly align the belt. It’s combined with a centralized lubrication. To facilitate the maintenance of rotative components, without using a nacelle for instance, we have deported the greasing points to a manifold placed in an easily accessible corner of the conveyor."
The original article was published in French by Construction Cayola carrieres/article/2018/10/24/121312/13-solutions-trellex- presentees-sur-convoyeur-metso-sim
Another Trellex® solution is the motorized belt brush, made of nylon or a combination of nylon and steel, depending on the type of material to be cleaned. It’s a brush motorized with an operating voltage selected between 12 V and 380 V, which rotates against the belt rotation direction. It is suitable for removing very fine materials, sticky or wet, which are commonly impossible to clean using traditional scrapers (pre- cleaners). Besides it is the only efficient cleaning solution for cleated conveyor belts.
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