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Largest recycling plant in the UK
opens its doors
New state-of-the-art facility in Scotland’s central belt is now fully operational...
Brewster Bros, a family-run business in Livingston, has officially launched the largest recycling plant in the UK. The plant, featuring a CDE state-of-the-art wet processing system, will provide waste management services and recycled aggregates to builders, construction companies, ground workers, civil contractors and utility contractors from its new high-tech facility in Scotland’s central belt.
The recycling centre includes over £2m of investment into high efficiency CDE equipment, with a capacity to recycle 400,000 tonnes of construction, demolition and excavation waste per year. In line with the Scottish Government’s Circular Economy Strategy ‘Making Things Last’, the plant can process and recycle soils and rubble collected by Brewster Bros’ fleet of tipper lorries from construction sites into high value sand and gravel - reducing waste disposal costs for Brewster Bros’ customers while maximising waste recovery. The waste collected is not subject to landfill tax and the recycled aggregates produced are not subject to the aggregates levy which enables the business to keep its prices competitive.
The CDE wet processing system was specifically designed to process difficult construction and demolition waste materials and optimise material recovery. The plant is fed by an R2500 primary screening unit, which scalps off the oversized
+100mm material. The remaining material enters the M4500 modular washing plant which feeds, screens, washes and stockpiles on one compact chassis. The M4500 produces two washed aggregates (4-40mm and40-80mm) and two sands (0-4mm and 0-2mm). The 4-40mm material passes to the AggMax 253R which is ideally suited to ensure maximum product yield from clay-bound materials. Three scrubbed recycled aggregates are produced: 4-10mm, 10-20mm and 20 – 40mm. The plant also includes sliding dual sand conveyors which will give Brewster Bros the flexibility to blend sand to meet any specific grading requirements.
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