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• Material is fed into a Slow Speed Shredder – Doppstadt DW 3060 K by a Fuchs MHL250.
• Materialisshreddedto<200ml.
• Ferrousmetalisremovedbyover-bandmagnet.
• MaterialfeedsintoaHigh-SpeedShredder–DoppstadtAK 230.
• Materialisprocessedfurtherprocessedfurtherto<80ml.
• MaterialtravelsintoaPowerscreenChieftain2200whereit separated into three sizes; 0-10ml, 10ml to 80ml, oversized
• <10mlmaterialfallsthrough0-10mlwovenwiremesh screen deck
• >10-80mlmaterialisseparatedby80mlwovenwiremesh screen deck
• Oversizedmaterialisrecirculated back into Doppstadt DW 3060 K to be processed again
The performance and re-sale value weren’t the only winning factor for Prichard’s choosing to deal with Blue, as Blue’s Spares and Service is a huge benefit for the firm. Tom Prichard comments “Blue’s Service and Spares parts is a big advantage, as their backup and aftersales service is always good and reliable. The right back up from a company you are buying from is so important, because if it isn’t reliable backup, it essentially means more downtime will occur.” Jason, who also manages the maintenance of the machines within the firm adds “Spares are good to deal with, Rebecca is excellent and very knowledgeable. With other firms, I can give them a list of parts I need and then I have to chase and chase, but you don’t have to do that will Blue, you know they will get it sorted quickly.” Jan 2019 - Issue 54
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