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Crushing &
The Finlay 893 Screens are placed as close to the mining areas as possible
to shorten the haul distance. This works as the rigid trucks run full
in both directions, bringing mined material to the
stockpiles beside the Finlay Screens and returning with
oversized material for roll-over rehabilitation.
“Because of the area where we mine, we come across a lot of wet clay, sand and shale in the diamond- bearing gravels, but we can throw
anything at these Finlays and they separate what we don’t want
from that which goes to the plant – they are simply
According to Wikus, the present four Finlay 893 Screens were bought relatively recently as replacements for four older machines which were sold out of hand. It’s a well-known fact in the alluvial mining industry that Finlay Screens from Steyn Diamante have been well maintained and they are therefore sought after on the pre-owned market.
Fuel is a major cost factor to any miner and this site consumes 8 500 litres of diesel a day. The Finlay 893 Screens have been recording fuel burn of around 20 litres an hour and, considering what they produce, this is considered low.
“Schalk first used Finlay 883 Screens back in 2004 when he started mining alluvial diamonds in South Africa,” Wikus continues. “He knows the machines’ capabilities and while going on to the larger 893 machines has stayed with Finlay as he has absolute faith in the brand.”
“What we appreciate, as the mining teams and those working with the Finlay Screens daily, is that we have the backing of Bell Equipment in terms of technical support and parts supply. We get great service from Shaun Malan and his whole team at the Bell Customer Service Centre in Kimberley and even if parts are not in stock, a plan is always made to supply us quickly,” he adds. “Mining equipment will need attention and can surprise you at any time but knowing Bell Equipment is close by, allows us to do what we do best – mine diamonds and rehabilitate the land afterwards.”
Bell Equipment Sales Representative, Eric van der Merwe (left), chats to Wikus de Winnaar, Mine Manager at the Schutsekama Diamond Mine. Jan 2019 - Issue 54
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