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Paul Whitehare, Clearaway Ltd Owner said; “We have been delighted with the Sennebogen 821E. It is doing everything we thought it would and it hasn’t missed a beat. The operators love the cab and they have also been very keen on the fact they can adjust the speeds on the attachment to suit their operating style. As we all know, a happy operator is a productive operator.
The other machines that Molson have supplied have also been spot on. For me the ability to deal with Adam for all this kit was a key part of my decision on what to buy. To know I have only got one call to make for any problem, on any of this kit makes my life a lot easier”.
Adam Meeking, Molson Green Sales Manager said; “Paul and the team are fantastic to deal with. They hold many of the same family run business values that we believe in at Molson. By being true to their word and always trying to work together we have built a strong relationship that I believe will continue to grow and grow as both businesses move forward together.” Jan 2019 - Issue 54
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