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Exclusive Interview
A new chapter for Finlay Crushers and Screeners in the UK Market
Following the acquisition of the Finlay Group by the Molson Group in June 2018 the Finlay Group has recently been rebranded to Molson Finlay. As part of the re- branding exercise Aggregate Processing
Solutions (APS) previously a Finlay Group company, will become Molson Washing.
The decision to rebrand followed a frantic 2018 which saw significant growth throughout the Molson Group. The objective of the re-brand exercise is to align the individual organisations under the Molson brand and provide a clear proposition of all the Groups abilities, whist still maintaining each unique business’s identity and explaining their focus.
The HUB team went along to interview Sean Warburton - Molson Finlay MD to talk in detail of the plans he has for Molson Finlay.
Sean has had a very successful career with several industry market leaders in the role of MD. In his current position he runs three businesses – Molson Finlay, Finlay Hire Ltd and Molson Washing.
Sean, commented, “This marks the start of a new chapter for Finlay crushers and screeners in the UK market. Since the acquisition there has been a real uplift in performance by the whole team. Not only does this mean a new name for us, allowing us to highlight the other product ranges to our customers through the wider Group, we also benefit from shared resource within the Group, allowing us to offer a better experience for our customers in all aspects.”
our client base providing us with huge opportunities, in short it’s all about customer satisfaction.”
Investment has been considerable in the form of new premises which will open in February in Stone. Still located in the Staffordshire area, the new offices will not only provide a more modern and practical services, but also fulfil our immediate growth plans.
We have a new a back-office infrastructure coming on-line which includes two completely new IT systems; one of which will be a £1 million intermediary system for the group which is currently being installed at Molson Equipment.”
Sean also told us about the huge focus on telematics
in the form of Terex T-Link which he saw as a huge refinement for operators to enable them to get the best out of their fleet. He added that this would be an added benefit for Molson Finlay clients which with Molson dedicated monitoring staff it would be a huge plus for clients on a day-to-day basis.
As the sole Terex Finlay dealer in England and Wales it is important that Sean and his team tap into the Molson brand as this is of prime importance.
Sean, commented, “We are forecasting more than 45% increase in sales which for us in real terms over 140 units in 2019. As far as the group is concerned this will provide circa £30 million contribution towards group turnover.”
Molson Finlay are also the biggest Terex Finlay dealer in the world and recently placed an order with the factory for over 140 machines which for Molson Finlay is the largest single order they have placed and increases their machine purchases by over 45%. In terms of the Irish factory this also represents the largest single order in the history of the company.
Sean, commented, “There is a current shortage of stock machines on the ground so what we are trying to do is place machines on the ground with this large order. We are selling as fast as they are delivered and utilising our 360-degree relationship with our clients
Investment in the rebranding:
Sean, continued, “The rebranding has given us massive growth potential and with a key focus on investment in staff and business infrastructure, our team of 37 salesmen will be able to function efficiently and present our multi-product portfolio to
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Sean Warburton - Molson Finlay MD

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