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McCloskey International’s newest
products take the stage at
AGG1/World of Asphalt
Maneuverability and versatility key attributes of new designs...
AGG1/World of Asphalt visitors will get a first look at McCloskey International’s new products that are compact and highly mobile. The newest addition to the stacker range, the All-Terrain ST80T with lift axle, will be front and center, showing off its ability to switch from tracked to wheel in minutes. The latest design for the compact crusher, the I34R, will also be featured at the show in Indianapolis, Indiana February 12-14, 2019 at Booth 37070.
The All Terrain ST80T blends all the benefits of onsite track mobility with the high productivity of a radial conveyor. The ST80T has a lift axle option which allows it to switch from track mode to radial in seconds.
Designed for use in any terrain, the All-Terrain stackers, ranging from 60’ to 150’, are easily moved site to site without the need to remove the wheels for transport. Built-in levelling indicators allow operators to position the stacker regardless of the ground evenness, with independent hydraulic jack legs to stabilize once in place. The McCloskey design also eliminates the need for any additional equipment, delivering a clean radius without material buildup.
I34R Ault Equipment
134R Concrete Recycling UK
All-Terrain ST100T with Lift Axle USA
The stackers feature a unique rear counterweight that counter balances the tracks and wheels, which are behind the stacker’s centre of gravity. The design enables a much higher stockpile capacity, with the radial wheels set well back. The rear counterweight also firmly anchors the tail end during radial mode, delivering greater stability to the stacker while in operation.
Lippmann_LS-520 Triple Deck Screener
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