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Company Profile
Your strategic global sourcing partner
L to R: Gary King (Marketing Director), Shaun Edwards (Managing Director), Sarah Carnell (Company Secretary), Matt Cheetham (Sales Director)
Sourcing your products from overseas can be baffling to say the least and in this day and age companies are increasingly reliant on sourcing specific components for machine builds and even complete projects.
Managing risk to give a client the competitive edge:
The HUB team went along to the Nottingham base and sat down with the Group Managing Director – Shaun Edwards to get the lowdown on where the company are now.
Shaun originally worked for a Chinese company who were heavily into the construction industry and with the onslaught of 2008/9 global recession Shaun decided to launch ATG with a more diverse multi-industry offering.
This move proved hugely successful with diverse product lines offered to multiple industries with the parts supplied from China.
Shaun, commented, “As the business grew the managing team increased with it, and today we have 50 employees globally. Last year we experienced a growth of 30% and this year we see more increased growth with a global turnover of $20 million. Over time we have used our expertise for product-sourcing, and it has proved a key philosophy in the business.”
Shaun expanded and told us that although their main supply is currently from China their on-going focus is to further diversify the number of countries that they source the product from.
Shaun, added, “All of our growth is down to the business model which ensures our clients receive a quality product in the time frame they expect.
“Castings on crushers and recycling equipment parts are very complicated and a lot can go wrong as it’s a different level of material that is used on these machines. The components are critical, and the key is ensuring is that the material used is within strict tolerance and meets the criteria. This all comes together and then products can be delivered ‘fit for purpose’ which is achieved by our ‘feet on the ground” ensuring a correct process with components supplied to exact specification. “
ATG have proved that consistency is the key with 20 engineers covering the far east. Growth was steady and in the first 5 years new teams in India and the South East of Asia worked with factories on castings, fabrications and machine components all of which were checked and despatched including a component check-list.
With logistics, scheduled delivery and finance arranged for the whole shipment ‘total’ ATG project management eliminates any issues and minimize the risks to the client.
Complete Global Supply Chain Management is not overly common in the Quarrying, Recycling and Bulk Handling Industries but ATG has been quietly building a reputation that is second to none in this speciality.
ATG offer a complete financed project and through their international engineering teams who work closely with chosen factories to ensure that ISO processes are fully implemented, guaranteeing all parts meet the required quality standard.
Launched 10 years ATG were one of the first members of the CEA that was not a UK manufacturer and was accepted on the basis of their innovative and totally different business model.
Today ATG, with huge success behind them work with manufacturers of commodities in China, India and South East Asia and supply a range of components, assemblies and sub- assemblies to OEMS in a variety of industries including mining and construction, waste recycling, agriculture, transportation, earth moving, marine and material processing.
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