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Company Profile
Shaun further commented,
“What we have found in the
last few years is that
customers who have bought
direct, are now passing the job to
us because of our growing reputation.”
With industry demands increasing ATG currently find themselves in a boom period and with forward orders for the whole of 2019 the company are recruiting more staff.
New premises:
Currently looking for bespoke new premises at a second location is high on the agenda for the company and to
service the projected growth it needs to be a minimum 25,000 sq. ft facility that will grow with ATG.
Working in China alone involvement is huge with nearly all containers delivered direct to the client. The company have had to understand and deal with components up to 7 tonnes in weight and the new premises must reflect this.
Further on-going development:
Shaun expanded on the future, “We launched ATG USA in 2015 and we have utilised our India manufacturers to supply the US market parts which tend to be bigger, crusher jaws for example to handle more throughput.
We also intend to grow the team in the Far East as these manufacturers are our major asset, therefore for each new product line we will add a team. We have a significant number of welding engineers and we will add production and manufacturing engineers to assist the factories because ultimately these are our suppliers and we are in their hands, so we need to assist them to produce it correctly and quicker and on-time to the cost level we require.
“Ultimately, it’s becoming easier as we understand the quality required as the manufacturers now do, which over time has developed a large and friendly knowledgeable team.
“Alongside all of this we have a development plan, auditing, H&S and other key factors and we take clients and show them where the components are manufactured and then they can buy with confidence which adds to our growing reputation.”
ATG are also building their team in India to eliminate total dependency on China and although dealing with a different culture it’s having a positive effect on the source diversification of the business.
The UK team are also working with manufacturers in Thailand and Malaysia and are despatching a Chinese team to the factory in Malaysia to help them cope in the early stages.
Shaun summarised, “Essentially we have four companies operating, our HQ in the UK, sales in Boston USA and two manufacturing sites based in Zibo in Shangdong Province, China and Bangalore in India and we also have a number of suppliers in Kuala Lumpur so we hope we will eventually be located there.”
It looks like a very busy time ahead for ATG as the growing global sourcing specialist.
Qualification by product range:
The current focus in the company are the product lines with the emphasis on castings and forgings, fabrications, precision components, composites and plastics. As 38% of the product lines are castings this heavily underlines the qualification of ATG as a company as these lend themselves to many guarantees with this range - castings, wear plates, shredder teeth, ground engaging teeth. Jan 2019 - Issue 54
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