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Ecohog – 3-levels of ‘stand-alone’
mobile metal separation
Ecohog Ltd, a family owned manufacturing business based in County Tyrone, is dedicated to offering a high quality range of separation equipment to the Recycling industry.
The company has worked closely with waste processors for several years to understand their unique requirements and then tailor solutions to suit. The core product range started with their EH1500 Windshifter and EH81 Airhog suction systems designed for removing light from heavy materials.
As the company grew the management team identified the potential to supply a complementary range of equipment in terms of further waste separation through use of magnets.
This led Ecohog into the development of the HogMag ECS 1500 mobile Eddy Current Separator (ECS) designed as a mobile solution for recovering valuable non-ferrous metals from different waste streams. Now in 2019 there are three key equipment styles in the Ecohog magnetic separation range available to customers in the Recycling industry; THM ECS 2000, HM ECS 1500 and SHM ECS 2000.
THM ECS 2000 – Fully tracked mobile ECS
The Tracked HogMag (THM) ECS 2000 launched in 2014, is Ecohog’s flagship product and market leader in mobile metal recovery. For separation it features a 2m wide High Gauss ECS, accompanied by a Vibratory Feeder for even material
delivery and a range of Magnetic Drum Separators to recover ferrous metals as well. Ecohog also offer their EH81 Airhog suction system as a patent pending feature on the machine to remove light materials such as paper, foil, plastic bags and cloth.
The THM ECS 2000 has become a core product in the Recycling industry with machines working in Biomass, MSW, Trommel Fines, Glass cullet and Scrap Metal processing.
Ecohog have designed a range of mobility features for the machine to best suit the rigorous environments of Recycling. These include; onboard diesel generator, 3 foldable stock piling discharge conveyors, Air compressor and air lines for cleaning, hydraulic Powerpack and heavy duty Crawler Tracks. All this makes the THM ECS 2000 the quintessential mobile metal separator for the modern waste processor!
HM ECS 1500 – Hook Loader mobile ECS
Somewhat the baby brother to the THM ECS 2000 the HM ECS 1500 is the original Ecohog mobile ECS. It includes a same specification ECS but in 1.5m width and corresponding Vibratory Feeder and Magnetic Drum Separator. However the
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