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HogMag (HM) ECS is designed to be a cost efficient comprise mobile ECS. The whole machine sits on a skid mounted frame with casters and hook lifting point for easy mobility around site.
Once in position 6 support legs, operated hydraulically, drop down to lift the machine into position at the required feed height. Again with options for; onboard diesel generator, 3 foldable stock piling discharge conveyors, Air compressor and Hydraulic Powerpack, the HM ECS 1500 allows users to tailor their metal separation solution to their needs.
SHM ECS 2000 – Site mobile ECS
The SHM ECS 2000 is Ecohog’s answer to the complications that can arise with static machinery installations. It’s designed to be a standalone metal separation system capable of high capacity waste processing whilst negating the requirements
for planning permission and permits that typically come with static plant setups. It features the same High Gauss ECS, Vibratory Feeder and Magnetic Drum Separators as the rest of the range and is typically supplied as 2m wide system.
Instead of crawler tracks or hook loader skid the SHM sits on 6 adjustable height support legs and can be easily lifted and re-positioned around site. It includes a full access platform with stairs, 10m residual product stock piling conveyor and diesel generator as standard. The SHM ECS 2000 is the evolution of static machinery offering waste processors a low cost system with many of the benefits of mobile machinery.
Dedicated to continuous improvement and ongoing development the company are also currently involved in a range of R&D projects, indeed a number of new products will be launched later this year. Dedicated to development and innovation in products, Ecohog apply the same practice in their digital strategy. Given the strength of the Ecohog name within the waste and recycling industry and the natural progression of Ecohog within the industry, the Windshifter is no longer the sole product thus the need for an imminent change in the name and brand. Ecohog have now changed their domain from with The new and improved website is now live and it is fully mobile and easy to navigate creating a user friendly experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
To discuss your metal recovery needs and for further information on any Ecohog products contact the team directly on: (0044) 2880761295.
Or for Mainland UK enquires contact agent Warwick Ward: (0044) 1226 869589
Added Benefit
The EH81 Airhog suction system can be added to all ECS versions as an additional benefit, to ensure all light contaminants are removed, giving a better quality product as required.
Ecohog ECS range Suitable for:
• Biomass
• Trommel fines
• Glass cullet
• Scrap metal processing March 2019 - Issue 55
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