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Bulk Handling
SN Engineering entrusted with
further silo project
Gloucester based dry bulk materials handling specialists, SN Engineering, were contacted by their client back in early 2018 to assist in evaluation of an additional storage & loadout facility.
Having successfully completed our 3000m3 single silo storage facility back in summer of ‘16 ( Hub4 Iss 40 ), they were the obvious choice.
“..... due to their quality of equipment, safe & efficient site works & proven track record of bringing projects in on time & on budget, partnering with SNE again, for this project, was one of the easier choices I had to make .....” commented the clients European Chief Operating Officer.
Having assisted us in successfully increasing our GGBS storage & distribution facility back in late 2016, when it became apparent that our Anhydrite facility needed significant investment to keep up with the ever increasing demand & to ensure customer availability, a call to SNE was initiated. March 2019 - Issue 55
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