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Welcome to bauma 2019
By its very nature, the construction industry has a very large ecological footprint. At bauma, exhibitors are going to present innovations towards sustainability, resource conservation and environmental protection. Some of the solutions have also been nominated for the bauma Innovation Award. bauma is the world's leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment. This year, it will take place from April 8 to 14 at the Munich Exhibition Grounds.
The avoidance or reduction of emissions of all kinds remains a major playground for technical innovations and improvements in the construction industry. For example, cold milling of old road pavements produces significant amounts of particulate matter—a hazard to the health of construction site workers, residents and passers-by. “This makes it all the more pleasing that many of the innovations presented at this year's bauma have effects in terms of sustainability, resource conservation and environmental protection,” says bauma Exhibition Director Mareile Kästner.
Bomag GmbH from Boppard/Germany, for example, has developed the ion dust shield technology to reduce the amounts of particulate matter. The system is installed in a box attached to the conveyor belt of the milling machine. An extraction system sucks the dust particles through an electric field. They become positively charged and are attracted by the negatively charged housing. This causes the fine dust to clump together permanently into less hazardous coarser particles that can be removed together with the milled material. This environmentally friendly solution has placed Bomag on the list of nominees for the bauma Innovation Award 2019.
Binding dust with artificial snow
Dusts must also be bound during building demolition, surface mining and loading processes. In countries with extreme weather conditions, it may occur that the usual water mist cannot be used due to icy temperatures. In such a case, the new dust binding machine V22Orca from the company EmiControls from Bolzano/Italy simply produces snow! The dust adheres very well to the flakes produced by this special snow cannon. Being a hybrid with a water mist and a snow mode, the device can be used at temperatures from +50°C to -25°C.
Electric drive: Fewer emissions, more efficiency
The construction machinery industry is called upon to avoid emissions not only of dust, but also, and especially, of exhaust gases and noise. An increased use of electric drives can make an important contribution in this respect. The Wacker Neuson Group is expanding its product range in this area with the AS60e battery-powered rammer and the AP2560e battery- powered vibratory plate. An interesting detail in terms of handling as well as efficiency: With the two new additions, a total of six products from the Munich-based manufacturer can now be operated with the same interchangeable rechargeable battery, which means that an exchange across machines is possible without problems.
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