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RM sets new
benchmark at bauma RM NEXT generation crushers and screens...
Ever since RUBBLE MASTER introduced the first mobile crushers to the market in the early 1990s, the Austrian machine manufacturer has been setting benchmarks in Compact Crushing. At bauma 2019 (booth B2.236), customers will be able to experience the ongoing development of the RM GO! brand in the form of RM GO! NEXT. In addition to a fully integrated hybrid drive for crushers and numerous digital features, RM will also be launching a world first for mobile screens.
A fully integrated plug-in hybrid with the same machine size was presented by RM as the first plug-in hybrid crusher at bauma 2013 in the form of RM TWO GO! where the electric drive was an external option. With the fully integrated hybrid drive in the new RM 120GO!
RM now combines the advantages of diesel-driven and electric-powered crushers without increasing the size of the machine. This delivers full flexibility in the type of drive, maximum mobility, quiet operation, lower emission values, higher performance (because short-term overload operation is possible) and infinitely variable rotor speed over a wide range.
The huge advantage is that with RM, the crusher still remains compact. The base frame of the RM 120GO! has only been
slightly modified to make room for the electric motor, and the weight of the crusher only increases by 500 kg with the electric motor, so it remains approximately the same. Thanks to many years of experience with hybrid crushers, the new RM 120GO! Hybrid boasts an even more powerful generator and a 50 % larger diesel tank.
RM has been "Best in Electrics" for almost 30 years
RUBBLE MASTER can look back on a long tradition and a great deal of experience in electrical drive and control systems technology. Since 1991, RM crushers have been equipped with direct drive diesel engines. While all auxiliary drives on RM crushers have always been driven electrically, only the crushing unit is driven directly by the diesel engine. RM crushers were therefore the first to do without hydraulic drives for belts and operate the vibro-channel and main discharge belt electrically. This has always saved fuel, operating costs and achieved a high degree of efficiency. RM also uses especially optimised components such as more durable generators. This experience in electrical drives and control systems technology led to the design of the first fully electric skid-mounted crusher in the mid-1990s. March 2019 - Issue 55
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