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Exciting new Doosan product
display at bauma 2019
Doosan Construction Equipment will be showing a wide range of new products for the first time at the Bauma 2019 exhibition. The new products include the Stage V DX27z, DX35z, DX62R-3, DX63-3 and DX85R-3 mini- excavators, the new DX250WMH-5 25 tonne material handler, the new Stage V DX300LC-7 30 tonne excavator, the new DX800LC-5B 80 tonne excavator and new 30 and 40 tonne class Stage V compliant articulated dump trucks (ADTs). Doosan will also be showing the company's new DL280-5, DL420CVT-5 and DL580-5 wheel loaders for the first time at Bauma.
The new Stage V compliant 2.7 tonne DX27z and 3.5 tonne DX35z zero tail swing (ZTS) models enhance Doosan’s range of mini-excavators, providing a best-in-class mix of superb stability, smooth controllability and high digging forces, complemented by low weights for easy transportation.
As a true ZTS machine (even with the optional heavy counterweight), the DX27z offers the highest flexibility of movements when working close to walls, coupled with best- in-class 360-degree stability and a low weight for easy transportation. The DX35z is a new generation model in the popular 3.5 tonne machine class offering the additional benefits of ZTS design. This excavator provides the best possible mix of compactness, a large operating range for the workgroup, great stability and a large and comfortable operator area.
New Stage V 6 and 8 tonne Mini-Excavators
The DX27z and DX35z will be shown alongside new Stage V versions of the company’s very successful DX62R-3 and DX63- 3 6 tonne and DX85R-3 8 tonne mini-excavators.
The new Stage V DX85R-3 8 tonne reduced tail swing (RTS) excavator from Doosan is powered by the Yanmar 4TNV98C Common Rail direct injection diesel engine, providing 44.3 kW of power at
a rated speed of 2100 rpm. The new Stage V versions of the 6 tonne DX62R-3 RTS and DX63-3 conventional tail swing models are powered by the same Yanmar 4TNV98C diesel engine, providing a massive 22% increase in engine power over the previous generation models.
Moving up in size, Doosan will be
showing the new DX250WMH-5
25 tonne Stage IV compliant
material handler for use in the
solid waste, recycling, demolition
and forestry industries. Based on
Doosan’s popular DX210W-5 21 tonne wheeled excavator, the new DX250WMH-5 material handler has been designed specifically for a wide range of material sorting and handling applications such as those in the scrap metal and other solid waste and recycling industries, as well as logging.
Designed to carry out the toughest tasks, the DX250WMH-5 is built with front and rear stabilizers, and a boom and arm specifically designed for material handling tasks. A standard feature is the hydraulic cab riser, which gives the operator
better all-around visibility of the attachment and work area. When combined with the rear view camera display in the cab, the operator has excellent visibility of the job site.
Bauma 2019 will provide the ideal platform for the first view of the next generation of Doosan medium size crawler excavators in the form of the new Stage V compliant DX300LC-7 30 tonne excavator. The DX300LC-7 offers an unmatched combination of high performance, operating features, fuel efficiency, reliability and durability in the 30 tonne excavator class.
As visitors to the Doosan stand at Bauma will see, the company’s ‘LC-7’ Stage V excavators, such as the new DX300LC-7, build on the very successful design of the previous Stage IV machines. The new LC-7 excavators
introduce major enhancements in operator comfort, machine
controllability, productivity, uptime and return on investment, with a
strong focus on low fuel consumption, increased power,
robustness and versatility. > March 2019 - Issue 55
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