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“Importantly, as a single-source supplier, we ‘package’ plant solutions far more effectively than those manufacturers who must rely upon outsourcing key plant components,” he says.
“For example, at Superior, we manufacture our own Helix® Cyclones in a range of models so that we can package modular wash plants with the right cyclone for a given application,” he says. Notably, he adds that Superior offers its new Spirit® Sand Plant in a variety of models to suit specific requirements. This flexible, modular washing and classifying plant combines the Helix Cyclone, with a dewatering screen, sump tank and slurry pump to create a single-plant-package capable of sand production, fines recovery and dewatering.
“Rather than providing ‘off-the-shelf’ products, Superior is keenly focused on modifying and fine-tuning processing solutions for precise market needs. Customers in European markets are looking for modular and skid-mounted solutions, portability, turnkey setups, user-friendly automation, serviceability, and local parts and service support,” says Garrison.
Cost-efficient sand washing systems
Depleted sand reserves and environmental constraints drive a fast-growing demand for cost-efficient, targeted sand washing systems.
“As an alternative to conventional sand washing methods, Superior’s Alliance Low Water Washer is particularly targeted to operations with dry crushing facilities or portable plants; or operations limited by a smaller footprint or available water resources,” says John Bennington, a recognized washing and classifying expert who serves as the director of wet processing technologies for Superior Industries.
The system combines a specially-designed agitator and a dewatering screen within one machine. The agitator converts the material to a slurry before the integrated dewatering screen removes excess water leaving as little as 8-percent moisture in the discharged manufactured sand.
Bennington explains that the dewatering screen is outfitted with a series of spray bars that help to push the material down through the screen. “Using a sand screw requires lifting the silt over the weirs of the screw with high water usage. Alternatively, when the Alliance Low-Water Washer pushes the material down through the screen, up to 80-percent less water is needed,” he says.
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