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Terex|Finlay to unveil cutting-edge technology at bauma 2019
Terex|Finlay will unveil and showcase the capabilities of OMNI by Terex, a revolutionary new system that will help improve jobsite safety and efficiency in operating crushing and screening equipment, at bauma 2019 on the Terex booth FM117 from 8th – 14th April 2019.
“OMNI by Terex is ground-breaking technology that will revolutionise the crushing and screening jobsite,” Barry McMenamin, Group Engineering Director with Terex Materials Processing explained.
Watch, Monitor and Adjust all from the Safety of the Cab
OMNI by Terex is a tablet-based system that is fitted within the cab of a material feed excavator and provides centralized remote access to multiple machine control systems within a crushing and screening train. It has been diligently and intuitively designed to give unrivalled, easy-to-use control to the operator with information and views of the entire machine train.
The OMNI by Terex system allows the excavator operator to view working information from each machine that is connected to the system, make informed decisions about each machine’s operation, and remotely manage the entire machine train to maintain high efficiency and produce the required material specification. The operator can adjust individual machine metrics or use global features, such as pausing the entire material flow across the train with one
action, allowing unprecedented levels of control — all from the comfort and safety of the excavator cab.
Additional Features
Additional features of the new OMNI by Terex system include alerts that indicate when someone on the ground is making process adjustments and camera view of up to two cameras per machine—from vantage points such as material transition points, chamber inlets, and material choke level on cones. The OMNI by Terex system offers an option for other personnel on the jobsite (such as the wheel loader operator) to have read- only system access, enhancing their efficiency through remote view of the operation and timely interaction.
McMenamin, explains, “Crushing and screening equipment operates in busy, challenging work environments with many hazards to consider—typically with one operator having multiple machine responsibility and limited process control, limited view of the process and the transition points for material, whilst another operator clears stockpiles and loads dump trucks, and has to manage both of those competing activities. We have invested in research and development to design a system that provides a level of central control, enhanced safety, connectivity and multiple-user support for the jobsite. We are excited to launch OMNI by Terex and encourage visitors to meet with our experts at bauma to learn about its full capabilities, and how it will revolutionise the crushing and screening jobsite of today and tomorrow.” March 2019 - Issue 55
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