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Q: Fast growth brings risks as well as opportunities. How does Kinshofer integrate all the different company cultures into to the Group?
TF: Nothing is more important than quality. That rule also counts for acquisitions. We do not acquire businesses that are new to the market. Only companies and products which are proven, with a track record of delivering a first-class product, are suitable for consideration. Out of these companies we only choose highly profitable ones. We also have very high expectations on the management of these companies. They have to be long standing, dedicated and differentiated through an impressive performance record. If these requirements are met, we do not change the company structure a great deal. An additional gain of any acquisition is the new distribution channels which open up, providing new opportunities to push other Kinshofer Group products. We sell products from newly acquired companies under their own brand name, as well as under the Kinshofer brand, providing a dual benefit. In general, you could say that an acquisition is not purely about growth but also about the way a new company complements the Group and our overall product offering.
The cylinderless C40HPX, for machines up to 40t, is an environmental friendly tool and ideal for water-based work and in environmentally sensitive areas. March 2019 - Issue 55
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