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Bell Equipment at bauma 2019
Global ADT Specialist
International ADT specialist, Bell Equipment, will use the platform of Bauma, the largest construction equipment exposition in the world, to display both new and proven models of its leading E-series truck range (Hall B5. 148). Focal points will include the conversion to new emission regulations, model specific improvements, and the group’s worldwide commitment to pro-active customer support strategies.
Newcomers and long sellers
In addition to the world premier of its latest “crossover” model, the Bell B45E 4x4, the company’s 6x6 range comprising seven models with payloads from 18.0 to 45.4 tonnes, will be represented by the Bell B20E LGP (Low Ground Pressure) – a new addition to many market regions – and the proven Bell B50E.
First launched two years ago in the UK, the Bell B20E LGP is based on the small B20E truck, which has been successful in the domestic African markets for more than three decades. These 6x4 trucks with a payload of 18 tonnes are used in medium-sized earth moving and civil engineering projects, as well as a base for numerous customised solutions, most notably in forestry and agriculture. This base machine has been tweaked for worldwide distribution for use in extremely muddy or soft, sandy underfoot conditions. The Bell B20E LGP has three driven axles and extra wide 800/45 R30.5 tyres (with 20.5R25 available as an option). The power of the Mercedes-Benz/MTU (OM 924LA/4R 1000) in-line four- cylinder engine has been raised to 170kW, an Allison six- speed automatic transmission provides an integrated retarder, while the front and centre axles feature encapsulated wet brakes. All other equipment meets the E-series’ high standards, including the spacious Bell cab, standard on-board- weighing (OBW) and numerous driving and loading assistants.
There has been impressive market acceptance in the UK, where the Bell B20E LGP has emerged as a highly specialised rental machine, in addition to being popular with Bell Equipment’s more traditional customers. This was followed by a successful launch in the US market. More recently, demand from mainland Europe – particularly Scandinavian countries where the B20E with 20.5 tyres is road legal – resulted in Bell Equipment relocating production of the B20E LGP to its European assembly plant in Eisenach, Germany in autumn 2018.
Seventeen years since its premiere in 2002, the Bell B50E remains the only 6x6 fifty tonner on the market.
“The introduction of our own and other 60 tonne Articulated Dump Trucks definitely raised awareness of larger ADTs and the result is increased customer interest in the B50E,” comments Tristan du Pisanie, Bell Equipment ADT Marketing Manager. “With its superior power-to-weight ratio and the lowest ground pressure available in the 50 and 60 tonne class, it remains the ultimate solution for high production and economical earthmoving on rough terrain.” >
Tristan du Pisanie, Bell Equipment ADT marketing manager
After the successful introduction of the B20E LGP in the UK and US markets, Bell Equipment is promoting the low ground pressure solution globally.
With 20.5 standard tyres, the smallest Bell 6x6 model is suited as a flexible road-going hauler in most Scandinavian countries. March 2019 - Issue 55
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