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Conveyor belt cleaner for tight spaces
A global leader in conveyor belt cleaning technologies has introduced a new design specifically for applications where space for installation is limited. The new SQC2STM RM (Reduced Mini) Cleaner from Martin Engineering is a compact secondary belt cleaner that allows installation in close quarters, built with a narrow profile that resists material build- up. Patented rubber buffers maintain cleaning pressure on the new design, engineered to deflect and allow splices to pass without damage to the belt or cleaner, even on reversing belts. The rugged construction incorporates individually-cushioned stainless steel blades with tungsten carbide tips for effective cleaning with negligible risk to belt, splice or blade, and it can withstand even punishing operating conditions, including corrosive environments, high-speed belts and high-tonnage loads.
“The blades conform to the belt profile, adjusting individually to deliver continuous contact across the belt,” explained Dave Mueller, Conveyor Products Manager at Martin Engineering. “In a perfect world, bulk materials would load uniformly, wearing the blade evenly, but that rarely happens. By having multiple segments attached to a single rigid assembly, the tension can be maintained and adjusted accurately,
quickly and safely.”
Like the other designs in the SQC2
product line, blade removal and
replacement is a simple operation
by removing the lock pin from the
main support assembly and sliding out
the cartridge. The lock pins are a key component to Martin Engineering’s “no-reach design,” which allows workers to conduct their lockout / tag-out procedure more safely. The
unit is one of Martin Engineering’s Safety FirstTM family of products, helping customers achieve OSHA compliance.
The tensioners allow simple adjustment of blade-to-belt pressure to maintain cleaning efficiency, regardless of blade wear. The SQC2S RM is expected to find utility in a broad range of applications where installation space is at a premium.
Martin Engineering is a global innovator in the bulk material handling industry, developing new solutions to common problems and participating in industry organizations to improve safety and productivity. The company’s series of Foundations reference books is an internationally-recognized resource for safety, maintenance and operations training -- with more than 20,000 print copies in circulation around the world. The entire 500+ page
The SQC2S RM is a compact secondary belt cleaner for installation in tight spaces
volumes can also be downloaded as free PDFs from
the Martin
web site.
CEMA reference book, Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials. Martin Engineering products, sales, service and training are available from factory-owned business units in Australia, Brazil, China, Columbia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Turkey and the UK. For more information, contact us at, visit, or call (800) 544-2947.
Blade replacement is a simple operation by removing the lock pin and sliding out the cartridge
The new design can withstand punishing operating conditions, including high-speed belts and high-tonnage loads.
Martin employees take an
active part in ASME, SME, VDI, CMA and CEMA,
and the firm played a pivotal role in writing and producing the 7th edition of the
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