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Adrian Cutler, M B Wilkes Operations Manager said; “We can’t afford for a loading shovel to go down. Due to the high levels of production, if one goes down it can easily cause significant disruption throughout the site. Because of this, we needed to know we were buying shovels that are well built and reliable, along with a back-up service that we know we can trust. After the great performance of both the Hyundai HL760’s and Molson’s back-up we had no hesitation in calling Danny to discuss replacing them with the latest models”.
Daniel Guibarra, Molson Sales Manager said; “The Hyundai loading shovels have really improved over the latest generations. In addition to the improvements in engine technology that see the latest models fully Stage 4f compliant and deliver a substantial fuel saving to customers, they have also made improvements in durability and operator comfort. What frequently happens is that as soon as the operators get to sit in one, the hardest task is getting them out”.
The Hyundai HL900 series of loading shovels also offer a range of ECO functions such as their unique ECO Pedal. When operators use the accelerator pedal, the ECO Pedal can distinguish between economical operation and power operation based on a number of factors around the machine (including bucket load and ground conditions), delivering maximum power when needed, but delivering substantial fuel savings on operators with a heavy right foot. Operators can also see how economically they are driving thanks to an ECO Gauge featured on the intelligent and wide touch screen display cluster. March 2019 - Issue 55
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