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Robert Gibbs invest in more Atlas material handling power
Based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire the Robert Gibbs (Contracting) Co Ltd (RGC) have recently invested in an Atlas 350MH Material Handler.
Supplied by the Atlas dealer -TDL Equipment, the 350MH is a 17-metre reach machine and is fitted with a E761 grab providing a 700ltr capacity. With an operating weight of 36 tonnes the machine is driven by a Tier 4 Final AdBlue Deutz engine outputting 226hp (180 Kw).
Robert Gibbs:
RGC have a 50-year history in the scrap metal business and over that time has gained a reputation as a name to trust.
In an industry not known for its environmental awareness, RGC’s reputation for the highest standards certainly stands out. Priding themselves on setting a high bar within the scrap- metal market, they take their responsibility to protecting the planet seriously. All the RGC offices and sites are constantly monitored for processes, cleanliness and safety, with a regular programme of improvements where necessary. The Hoddesdon site is fully bunded and RGC work closely with Thames Water to ensure their trade effluent is monitored closely. As a result, RGC sets the benchmark for others to reach.
An Atlas fleet:
The company currently have 7 Atlas scrap handlers in operation between their 6-acre Hoddesdon site and their satellite 1-acre Evesham site.
Recently the HUB team visited the RGC operation at Hoddesdon and we sat down and spoke to Director David Maskell who gave us the lowdown on the business.
David took up the story, “The company originally started off in the sixties using Poclains and as we grew, we progressed to Atlas. We have had two new machines in the last six months from TDL which has now brought our Atlas fleet up to seven machines.”
The Hoddesdon facility operates 5 1⁄2 days a week and employs 61 personnel with a fleet of 30 vehicles, servicing 3,500 roll-on-offs and skips for factories and the motor and aviation industries.
Processing around 8,000 tons per month the Atlas handlers constantly segregate the scrap and feed the shredding machines, shears and balers and load containers.
Each month 1,500 tons of non-ferrous and 6-8000 tons of ferrous alongside minimal waste forms of wood and general rubbish are dealt with by the hard-working fleet.
David, added, “All the handlers except one are fitted with grabs which are perfect to do the job. We are very happy with the machines and TDL are very flexible and prompt with servicing and will fit in with a gap in processing to keep the machines in good working order.
“Initially we did look long and hard at all the other OEMs and came to the opinion that overall Atlas Machines do the job for us. We have invested a lot of money in the brand, with TDL providing each machine with a full warranty and service package. They offer great residual value and we know that TDL will guide us through the process when we buy a new machine.
“Servicing is straight forward too, and we know we can rely on the TDL back-up and if spare parts are required, we know they will be with us within 24 hours.”
David commented further, “When a new machine arrives at the yard, TDL always send an engineer who will spend a whole day going over the whole machine with our driver. Every driver has his own dedicated machine at RGC even the truck drivers. They all take pride in their machine and its essential that they understand the machine.”
L-R: David Maskell-Director of Gibbs and Kim Platfoot- Regional Sales Manager TDL Equipment
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