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The company also operate a satellite yard at Evesham where a 350M handles all the incoming metal from the Midlands area filling the skips for delivery to Hoddesdon for processing.
RGC supply many UK foundries and currently a lot of metal is sent to India via their own dock facility in Barking which is operated by their sister company who operate two 50-ton Atlas handlers
David, concluded, “If we decide to export more to Asia then further investment will be required in another machine. It’s a huge investment as it means another operator and a container lift which will eventually pay for itself in the returns. Obviously, the choice will again be Atlas because of the very professional relationship we have with TDL Equipment and our faith in the brand!”
Certainly, RGC understand the benefit of good work tools and a quality German workhorse like the Atlas range of material handlers. March 2019 - Issue 55
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