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Another feature of the I-120RS is the heavy- duty vibrating feeder (VGF) with integrated prescreen. This removes material below the size allowed by the prescreen, preventing it entering the impact chamber and causing unnecessary wear. This prescreened material is then stockpiled on a discharge belt to the side of the machine, however this can be removed and the material will simply be dropped down to the main conveyor where it is discharged with the rest of the processed material.
Prichard’s Managing Director, Tom Prichard said: “The I-120RS gives us the ability to produce a wide range of popular recycled fill products such as Type-1 and 6F2 with great material consistency. We have all been impressed with its throughout capacity, whilst being able to deal with difficult material such as re-bar”.
When talking about the relationship with Molson Finlay, Tom went on to explain: “For us, when choosing a new machine, we look at every angle. The machine has to be able to do the right job and offer good value for money, but we also look at the after sales support from the dealer as a key factor. We have always received a very high level of service from the Molson Finlay team and that is a big reason why we keep coming back”.
Prichard’s are a long-standing customer of Molson Finlay, with this I-120RS being the latest in a long line of Terex Finlay machines supplied by Molson Finlay’s Gareth Johnson. The Project Yellow site also uses two Terex Finlay 883+ heavy duty screeners and a 694+ inclined screener, key components of the recycled aggregate production process.
Molson Finlay’s Gareth Johnson said; “Prichard’s are a valued customer of Molson Finlay and I am delighted that the machine is
already proving its worth on site. It’s producing a high-value end product and its versatility; speed of production and efficiency make it an important addition to Prichard’s fleet.
“When we have open and honest conversations with customers about what they want to achieve, we are in a stronger position to help them by sharing our experience, knowledge and insights of the latest technological developments to help them achieve their goals. Tom and his team have always taken this approach and I believe this is a reason why we have been able to be such a big part of their supply chain”.
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