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World’s first all-in-one wet processing system unveiled at bauma
CDE has launched the Combo in a move set to revolutionise the wet processing industry.
The patented ComboTM - the world’s first all-in-one wet processing plant - was unveiled at bauma in Munich, the leading trade fair for the construction machinery and materials industries.
CDE which has a long history of ground-breaking innovation and holds more patents than anyone else in the sector brought the pioneering M2500 to the market almost a decade ago.
The ComboTM encompasses five processes - feeding, sizing, sand washing, stockpiling and complete integrated water management which is a first for the industry and an important innovation to address a challenge faced by all customers of wet processing systems.
Sean Kerr, Chief Operating Officer, CDE said: “The ComboTM is no ordinary machine but rather a technological response to the challenges faced by materials producers. It has been designed with a focus on transferring greater reliability and efficiency benefits to customers. Offering a turnkey solution that delivers unrivalled control of in-spec washed products from a wide range of feed materials the ComboTM can be used in the construction, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands, mining and environmental sectors.”
In brief, the ComboTM creates enhanced reliability and efficiency offering rapid onsite set-up, reduced start-up costs, the ability to process a wide range of feed materials (both natural sand and crushed rock), lower power consumption, a smaller footprint and unrivalled accessibility for maintenance.
Pre-tested and pre-wired before dispatch, the ComboTM arrives on-site in a single unit ready to plug and play either as a standalone plant or as part of a larger turnkey solution. The plant is built for rapid assembly and set up and can start processing material within days of arrival onsite.
Also, as it sits on its own chassis, the ComboTM requires minimal civils and pipework so operators can now easily relocate their plant across sites or to remote locations. Its smaller footprint also makes it ideal for tight quarries in urban settings.
With all essential processes being housed onto one chassis, the ComboTM system operates as one interconnected and pre- assembled unit which incorporates an integrated control panel with one single point of operation.
Significantly, the ComboTM wet processing system can produce up to two in-spec products from natural sand or crushed rock turning what is often considered a waste by- product into a product that adds value to the business. May/June 2019 - Issue 56
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