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In addition, the new technology allows customers almost total independence of water supply with up to 90% of process water recycled for immediate re-use in the system - ideal for jurisdictions with limited resources or those with existing environmental or impending environmental legislation.
A customer-focused solution, the ComboTM has been designed for single-operator use and unrivalled ease-of- access for routine maintenance with its patented swivel access to the pump leading to maximum production and prolonged life.
Lower power consumption compared to existing technology available on the market means customers can process a higher volume of materials with reduced operating costs generating exceptional return on investment.
Kevin Vallelly, Director of Engineering at CDE, said: “At CDE we are unlocking a New World of Resource and driving alternatives for sand production. Global demand for construction sand is more than 15 billion tonnes per year.
Sand accounts for 35% of concrete which is used in the building construction industry. Large parts of the world face increasing demand for infrastructure and civil projects in the face of diminishing natural resources.
“Our sustainable technology producing washed and graded manufactured sand is helping supplement natural sand which is a finite resource and increasing in cost. By utilising normally low-value crusher fines for sand production we can extend the life of natural resources and add huge commercial value to our customers’ enterprises. The ComboTM requires a small supply of fresh water compared with traditional systems which typically consume 10-15 times more water allowing its deployment in quarries and urban areas not previously known for sand production. In addition, sand can be produced closer to where concrete is required resulting in significant cost savings in the transport of aggregates. The ComboTM is industry leading technology designed to unlock a New World of Resource essential to protect our environment and build the world of the future.”
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