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By analyzing all the parameters of the application, Asrat says that modular plants are fine-tuned for precise processing needs – and inserted seamlessly into the operation. The modular design erects in several days versus the weeks required for conventional fixed plant designs. The plant features bolt-together, pre-plumbed pipes; and pre-installed wiring components – and the entire plant fits and ships in a standard-sized export container. “Importantly, we listen to the customer, and deliver what they’re looking for – modular and skid-mounted solutions, portability, turnkey setups, user- friendly operation, and local parts and service support,” he says.
“Efficiency is everything,” stresses Asrat, “At Superior, our custom sand wash solutions are engineered to meet the needs of each specific application – the material gradations, required specifications, water availability, material flow, footprint management, ease of maintenance, and maximum product output – at lower operating costs per tonne.” May/June 2019 - Issue 56
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