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Washing &
Any organics such as roots or plastics are also floated off to be dewatered over the PowerScrubTM 6 x 2 trash screen. Underflow from the trash screen is received in a catch box under the screen and then gravity fed to the sump tank under the hull.
Scrubbed aggregate then exits the main discharge of the PowerScrubTM PS120R Logwasher via a transfer conveyor onto a 4.9m x 1.5m sizing screen which splits the required products of 10mm, 20mm and 40mm aggregate which are then stockpiled by stone conveyors.
Cutting Edge Control System:
The control system for the Pasture House Farm Quarry wash plant is stored in a centralized cabin on the site which is one of the options offered by DUO through TWS on all installations, alternatively the panel can be mounted onto the machine, all of which are pre-wired. This option exemplifies the flexibility of TWS and DUO to suit individual customer needs or preferences.
Steve Poole – QM, commented, “This is the first plant we have purchased off DUO and they have worked with very well with us to commission the plant successfully. We have been very happy with their work ethic and H&S management. Overall they have provided a first-class plant and service.” May/June 2019 - Issue 56
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