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McLanahan introduce the UltraWASH range of modular wash plants
With a long history of designing, manufacturing and installing modular wash equipment, McLanahan’s range of UltraWASH modular wash plants are the latest line from the company. Engineered to include all McLanahan equipment that helps producers meet their process requirements, the UltraWASH provides the reliability, simplicity and efficiency that producers need from a modular plant. McLanahan has thought of everything with this line to bring you features that make maintenance and efficiency easier – including two truly unique, patent pending features. The patent pending Eze-Riser allows the operator to cut pump maintenance time in half, and the Fines Forward Slide (patent pending) and Aggregate Discharge Hood are included to increase your efficiency.
While there are a number of modular plant solutions available in the market, McLanahan is one of the only companies offering both custom and modular washing solutions. This, combined with years of processing design knowledge, provides unmatched industry expertise in providing the correct solution for your application.
McLanahan knows the importance of uptime, so the UltraWASH is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The Eze-Riser works together with the pump service trolley to enable safe and efficient pump maintenance, such as changing the impellers or replacing the casing liners. A foot pedal lifts the discharge pipe from the pump and utilizes a locking mechanism to then holding the pipe aloft, offering the clearance needed for the pump to roll out on the trolley service platform unrestricted. Sufficient flexibility is provided by the hydro cyclone entry hose bend above to accommodate these few millimetres of pipe travel, making it unnecessary to disturb pipework other than where it connects directly to the pump at its suction and discharge flanges.
Fines Forward Slide
The manually adjustable Fines Forward Slide (patent pending) can divert a portion of raw fines into the coarse sand processing stream. This balances the downstream process to optimize plant capacity. Alternatively, by substituting the last row of fine material screen panels with coarse material screen panels, the Fines Forward Slide will allow alterations of the proportions of fine and coarse decking areas above, while still preventing the loss of coarse material into the fines processing stream. Two men (one each side of the sizing screen) are all that is required to simply reposition the Fines Forward Slide eliminating the use of cranes or other lifting equipment.
Aggregate Discharge / Remixing Hood
Washed aggregate is discharged from the end of the sizing screen in up to three discrete size fractions for separate stockpiling. However, any two adjacent – or indeed all three – aggregate product sizes may be recombined (either for consolidated stockpiling or onward processing as required) simply by one man’s manual operation of the aggregate discharge/remixing hood’s rubber-lined diversion traps.
Why A Modular Plant?
Along with these easy maintenance features, McLanahan’s modular line arrives in individualized containers, and is quick to set up and easy to move around for different configurations. It is also to transport to other sites when the life of the deposit is shorter. Building your plant requires only the placing of each factory-assembled, pre-wired module on a suitably prepared base, a procedure that will typically take just a few days in order to get the whole plant up and running. The system requires only having a single water feed point and comes pre-wired and pre-plumbed to make installation simpler.
In addition to many of the benefits you receive from a modular wash plant, McLanahan’s Eze-Riser, Fines Forward Slide and the aggregate discharge/remixing hood will all provide producers with a simplified maintenance operations and quick changes to your operation. Not found in any other plant on the market, they will eliminate much of the downtime associated with these activities, leaving you with more time running and more money in your pocket. May/June 2019 - Issue 56
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