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The all-new Waste Handler
The leading material handling equipment manufacturer Terex Fuchs has recently launched the MHL 310F, which has been designed specifically for waste handling applications. This brand-new model boasts a newly designed upper carriage, two undercarriages and a revolutionary hydraulic system. This combination of features allows the MHL 310F to maximise its ability for effective high-volume handling.
Efficiency, Flexibility and Performance
The new compact model offers efficiency, flexibility and performance; all attributes that feature near the top of any wish-list when it comes to mobile material handlers deployed in the recycling industry.
The demands of the recycling industry are many and varied. However, there isn’t a job the MHL 310F cannot complete within a recycling operation, as this diverse handler can sort, move and load a variety of waste materials including; wood, municipal, organic and C & D. With its reserving fans and waste package the MHL 310F can endure demanding conditions such as dust, heat, and continuous loading.
Small but mighty
Its compact dimensions of 4.76 m long, 2.55 m wide and 3.25 m high make the MHL 310F ideal for working within waste transfer stations where space is limit. However, its compact size does not compensate for its incredible power. The MHL 310F boasts an 85kw (Diesel, EU-Stage V) engine and has a maximum reach of 9m. Its efficient and cost-effective engine is compliant with Stage V emission requirements and features intelligent engine management and high performing cooling system which protects against overloading. The MHL 310F is also available with a 75kw zero-emission electric engine, which provides a vast amount of energy and a clear atmosphere, allowing firms to exceed emission requirements.
Operator Comfort
This waste specialist machine also incorporates Fuchs’ awarding winning cab. The cab is designed specifically for handling machines and provides unrivalled operator comfort, keeping operators happy and productivity high: thanks to the cab’s air cushioned seat, air conditioning, single sliding door, ample leg room and best of all joystick steering. The
windscreen has a negative slant to improve visibility, and the whole unit raises to 5.2m, which provides a clear field of vision.
Gary West, CHS Environmental Depot Manager, comments “It is ideal for our operation, its height and size is perfect for working within our waste transfer station. It is a lot quicker and more responsive than our previous machine. Our operator also loves it, as he finds it very comfortable to work in and easily accessible to check the oil level.”
Offering more than machinery
Since 2012 Blue Group have been the UK’s exclusive dealer of Terex Fuchs and offers their complete range of material handling equipment to the waste recycling, scrap, port and timber industries. Blue Group’s support continues well beyond any equipment purchase with first class aftersales support via our network of fully equipped technical engineers and Blue Spares team.
For further information or to arrange a demonstration, contact Blue Group’s sales team on 0345 217 8755 or
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