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Bulk Handling
Elite Precast Concrete is one of the leading manufacturers of low-cost precast concrete products in the UK
The business combines the highest levels of customer service with the aim of always being the best value option.
Elite’s focus is on driving down the cost base and then passing these savings onto its customers. This enables it to provide a constant and predictable price structure which in turn underpins an ethos of developing customer relationships over the long term. Indeed, over 65 per cent of its clients have done business with Elite on at least two previous occasions.
Clients range from small start-ups and private individuals to international blue-chip businesses. Each one is cherished and each receives the highest possible level of personal and professional service.
Product range
Elite has a huge range of ‘semi-dry’ and ‘wet-cast’ products which it supplies to every sector of UK industry imaginable. These include service protection and drainage products through kentledge ballast blocks, safety and security barriers to the premier range of interlocking wall blocks.
Elite is the UK’s leading manufacturer of the revolutionary interlocking block systems which are used by thousands of businesses in a huge variety of industrial applications.
There are three types of free-standing interlocking ‘Lego’ blocks – LegatoTM, DuoTM, and VeeTM. Each one is cast from premium quality, high strength (50N/mm2) concrete and incorporates its own integral lifting system. This means that whichever block type you choose you can be certain of getting the ultimate in both durability and flexibility.
The blocks are used in many varied and extremely demanding industries from metal and tyre recycling to radiation shielding (industrial/nuclear and health). Their applications also include being used as bay walls and bunkers, push walls, salt storage, firebreaks, silage clamps, radiation shielding, kentledge/counterweight blocks, embankment retention, site security, workforce protection, ground safety, and much more.
The blocks are cast from high-quality concrete, that doesn’t contain any steel reinforcing or recycled aggregates, which means they are Class A1 Fire Resistant. The blocks are recommended by many insurance companies and are approved for use as firebreaks.
Legato blocks Viridor Crayford
The interlocking Temporary Vertical and Jersey barriers are designed specifically to secure a site against unwanted visitors, for use as traffic management, as edge protection and to prevent falling debris from damaging railway tracks, car parks, etc.
Win-win for Network Rail
An example of the innovative usage of the Lego blocks was in a project for Network Rail. Signalling renewals in the Cardiff area were problematic because of a lack of access where the installation of two new sets of points to form a crossover on the main lines had been planned.
A four-track stretch of railway was involved but in order to utilise the large crane to install the points and new track panels, an all-line block was required. Carrying out the work with lines open would involve the crane unloading, moving and slewing panels that had a much higher potential to foul the relief lines.
Additionally, operatives would need something to help keep them safe as though they were working in a full possession. Getting an all-line possession at that time wasn’t feasible because of the number of trains that were required to run, so to meet the timescales, an alternative was needed.
By thinking outside the box, the project team came up with the idea of a ‘real virtual wall, ‘from a throwaway comment about a child’s Lego blocks. The first section was delivered, installed at the depot and tested, passing with flying colours. After that it was ‘all systems go’ and the wall was assembled in the ten-foot width over the half mile stretch of track to be replaced.
Legato blocks ballast
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