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Pronar – 30 years of an amazing journey
From its beginnings in the difficult economic reality of Poland in the 1980s, to the leading position as a recycling, agricultural and municipal machinery manufacturer, mass scale, global supplier of disc wheels, pneumatics & hydraulics and numerous other components needed in machinery production. This is Pronar – a company which has grown with unmatched pace and consistency over the last three decades
Pronar recycling product range display
Foundation and agricultural roots:
Pronar was established in 1988 as a small local enterprise in Narew. Working in the rural and agriculture industries in the North Eastern part of the country it benefited a lot at the early stage of the free market era in Poland, after communism collapsed. The company quickly evolved from trading with agricultural products to supplying farmers with tractors and other agricultural machines. Within a few years of its foundation the company launched production of their own tractors and trailers sold under the Pronar brand.
Production rapidly expanded in the 90’s and continued to grow into the next decade. Development went so well that soon Pronar started to manufacture a massive range of production components - not only to be used in their own machines but also to supply other equipment manufacturers.
The company’s income was constantly reinvested in new factories, technologies, production lines and talented people which resulted in Pronar becoming the number one supplier of reliable tractors and trailers in Poland with sales expansion into the European markets.
Pronar line - single shaft slow speed shredder feeding mobile trommel
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