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“We were one of the first companies almost 20 years ago to start recycling wood and today we can convert waste wood into a valuable item by generating wood chips for use in fibre board production.”
The company took delivery of their first Tana Shark in January 2019 and they now have two machines with a third ordered for delivery in late June.
Garry, continued, “We have tried every make of shredder prior to Tana and we found that they all had their faults. We settled on Tana because it’s the best machine for the job and the service we receive is first class.
“As well as shredding wood we can also use the Tana as a general waste machine, so its quite flexible in that respect. We are processing approximately 3,000 tonnes/month and have only experienced one minor warranty issue which was resolved immediately so we are very pleased. Great service, great parts availability and a quick response when we needed it, we love the Tana machines!”
GBN have invested in the Tana Shark 440DT eco which is a single-shaft, slow-speed tracked shredder which is driven by a Cummins QSX15 with a power rate of (SAE j1995) (kw) 433.
With a 3000mm rotor length operated at 28rpm the 920mm diameter shaft is equipped with 33 knives.
The machine supplied was specified with an overband magnet, a variable screen/basket and a heavy-duty rotor.
A remote-control system and a SmartSite TM / ProTrackTM Daily report system, completed the specification.
Ever since 1971, Tana has been in the forefront of designing and manufacturing robust machinery for the purposes of solid waste management. With decades of experience on the needs and requirements of landfill and waste management operators, in the early 2000s Tana expanded its machine selection with the TANA Shark mobile shredders. The core design of the TANA Shark has remained the same throughout the years: a robust, single-shaft slow-speed shredder with enough torque to process even the toughest materials such as used tires or mattresses.
What separates TANA Shark from the competition is its versatility. The TANA Shark can process various different materials, allowing the user take full advantage of various waste streams. TANA Shark’s changeable screens make producing an end-product in various particle sizes easy. The Shark can do both pre-shredding as well as produce a homogenous end-product – one Shark can replace even two machines!
Despite its robust construction the TANA Shark is also smart. Equipped with TANA’s state-of-the-art information management system TANA ProTrack®, the user of TANA Shark will be able to monitor and optimize their process. Additionally, TANA ProTrack® allows service personnel to monitor the machine in real-time, delivering fast and accurate service when necessary. July/August 2019 - Issue 57
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